chapter 4

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Derek POV
  He was standing right in front of me. Stiles was actually in front of me. After all these years, he's here in front of my eyes. He looks different than the last of years.
"H how. What?"
"I don't know."he replied.
"Explain."I say still looking at Stiles.
" Can't, I promised to them who knows."he says looking down. I just nodded and went along with it.

Thomas POV
"Stiles?" A guy said.
He then started to ask questions but all I said was I don't know. He was talking to Scott, still looking at me like Im a ghost or something. After that, we just walked in and sitting on a couch by the window.
"What are we doing here." Minho asked.
"We want to know what you've been through." Lydia says with a short smile.
Should we tell them. I thought to Newt and Minho.
No,we barely know these shanks. Minho said (or thought A/N).
Yeah, I agree, but their going to keep on asking about what happened to us. Newt said. I looked back at the people in front of us. And back at my friends. Then at Lydia and nodded.
"We were trapped in a maze and had our memories taken away from us. I've been there for a year. Some been there for more than a year, more than 3 years to be exact." I say looking at Newt and Minho." We tried everything to get out. We climbed, build,dropped into a hole, everything. There were these creatures called greviers. They were metal and big and can kill a anything in site with one stinger. There were at least over then 30 of us in that hell hole. Than, we had a chance to escape and a lot of us got killed because of the greviers." I say looking down. Newt put a hand on my shoulder and he finished the story. " The people who put us in the maze, put us in a nother trail called the scorch. It was really hot, sandy and had really bad weather. While out there, these monsters named cranks were chasing us on till we got to a safe place. That place ended up something Thomas build before he came in up in that box. He didn't know that he built the place because well you know. After that, an old friend of ours traited us and called WCKED and they killed over 70 of the people there to get through us. Then, they took us, and before we know it, we were here." Newt finished with teary eyes same as me and Minhos.

"I'm so sorry that had happened to you."Maila says.
"Me too." Newt says looking at the ground.
"But there's one thing, I'm the one who helped put them in the trails. It's my fault that we're here right now." I said.
"It's not your fault Thomas."Newt said.
"Yeah, if that ever happened, we wouldn't be best friends and family."Minho said." So shut up you shank and forgive yourself. It's not your fault!"
I looked up to see everyones shocked faces. I stand up with Minho and Newt. "We're going to head out." I said. And with that, we left.

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