So I actually took the time to read the ''Rating'' Thing and since my story is rated PG-13 I actually have rights to write nude scenes :P And another thing is that some have asked me not to write a sex scene 'cause they are under 13 and so. Uhm it's rated for 13 and up :/ I think I warned you enough with the title of this chapter so if you feel offended by this chapter it's not really my fault...

Please only read if you're 13 or older. Cool? Thanks :)

So I decided to do the second sex scene 'cause it would be sexier while the first would be more like ''OH OH OH MY GOD CHLOE FUCK GOD-SHIT WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG!?'' Riker half moaned as Chloe rubbed him... Yeah not very sexy if you ask, more funny XD

I am only doing this because it's almost the end of the story :( and because my readers are awesome and because you have asked so much for a sex scene :D



*Chloe's pov*

Riker pulled his shirt off and threw it at the floor. He turned so he was on top of me instead and his hand sneaked under my shirt rubbing my b oob on the outside of my bra. Ugh how can he just have lost he virginity but still be so damn good at this?

He pulled my shirt off and threw it some random place on the floor. He leaned down and kissed and lightly sucked my collarbone as his hands sneaked under my back and fumbled with my bra. He left a few hickeys and finally unhooked my bra and pulled it off. His eyes was now full of lust as he looked between my b oobs like it was the hardest decision ever which he should suck first.

He eventually decided to start out with the left. He sucked and bit my breast lightly and massaged my other nipple with his thumb. I moaned quietly. He slowly started leaving small kisses on my breast and I slowly lead his head longer down. He chuckled while I let go of his hair again and kissed down my stomach until he reached my pants. He had slowly moved in between my legs and unbuttoned my jeans throwing them at the floor also. He pulled my panties to the side and without warning stuck a finger inside me. I let out a surprised moan making him giggle of my reaction.

''Damn you're wet.'' He said under his breath, pulling my panties off but this time hr threw them at my face. I put them on the nightstand and enjoyed his warm tongue slowly moving around my clit. I started moaning. I had removed my hair down there just yesterday, not by shaving but let's not go into details.

His tongue sneaked down to my opening and started to f uck me with it. I let out a few quiet moans knowing we weren't alone home.

His fingers started to rub my clit making me grab whatever I could reach which happened to be a blanket. Riker knew I was close and slowly moved longer up my body leaving my p ussy behind.

''You better get your face back down there!'' I half moaned, half demanded, but he just chuckled and pulled his pants and boxers off. I sighed knowing he wasn't going back down there and it now was my turn to satisfy him. 

I made him lay down in his bed as I started to what I like to call My magic.

*Riker's pov*

Chloe got on top of me facing my d ick. She took it in her hands and slowly started rubbing it while twisting her wrist a bit. I bit my lip. I felt her mouth on my tip and she slowly licked/sucked it, still rubbing with her hand.