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''I think I may have just let the first girl I've ever truly fucking loved, go.'' He wept, his clothes now clinging to his body. Out of her sight, he ran until he was here. At the doorstep of the only other girl he's ever been open with.

''Zac, come inside. We can talk about it in there.'' She spoke sadly, offering her hand out while he shivered in response. Remaining still, droplets of rain falling off the bridge of his nose and hitting down on the floor.

''Come on Zac, you'll freeze to death out here. Come in please.'' He finally gave in, moving into the warm lit house. His head remained down at the floor, not ready to allow Kells to see the tears that ran.

Moving him into the living area, the fire crackling. He stood in the middle of the room, like he was a stranger to this house and to Kells herself. Having grabbed a warm towel, she reached up and ran it through his wet locks that were creating small pools around him, his shoes now ruined.

''Are you going to talk to me?''

''I love her.'' Tension in his jaw continued, his movements frozen in place while Kells lowered back down onto her feet. ''I fucked everything up. I shouldn't have agreed to be in this with her, I should have known it was trouble from the start.''

''Zac, we all fall in love sometime. Remember me with that Regan girl, I ended up just being her little experiment with girls.''

''It's different. I can't be away from her because my situation won't allow me.''

''What about the money you won, that should help you find a place out here. Shouldn't it?'' He just shrugged, Kells now witnessing the tears for the first time in the ten minutes he had arrived. ''Please don't cry Zac, you know I hate seeing you cry.''

''I can't fix this. I can't be friends with her, when I'm in love.''

''How is she your first love Zac?'' The room fell silent, the only sound echoing from the fire and the harsh rain beating down on the windows.

''Because someone apart from you finally accepted me for who I am. Yeah the girls have to, but not in the way she does.''

''How come I was never your first love then?'' Kells tried to break the tension, but he just remained still and unfazed.

It took so much convincing on her end to get him to sit down, but seconds for him to fall apart in her arms, breaking her own very heart. His heart was fragile, tethered together by loose string that was now breaking.

''I was only falling in love more.''


''Come on son, answer the phone.'' Mike spoke down the speaker, only to reach the automated voice mail messaging system. It had been four hours since they last saw him, the storm was only growing stronger with the wind picking up.

''I'm going out to find my son.'' He declared, retrieving his keys out of the bowl. ''No, sweetie. You'll only be putting the two of you in danger.''

''Then what do we do! Leave our son out there, in this storm. No, I'm not allowing that. His father may have, but me. No.''

''What if he's somewhere safe, waiting for it to calm down before coming home? How would he feel if you went out and got hurt looking for him? He wouldn't forgive himself my love.'' Clara reassured, taking the keys from his grasp.

''It's my fault.'' Lauren whispered, the towel still around her shoulders. ''We argued, kind of. And then he left, I didn't bother to go after him.''

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