~Desires can be compromised but goals shouldn't.~


It was like a necessary 'DO' for me to log in to my Facebook account daily, where I had actually deactivated it sometime back. As the clock struck 10:30 in the morning, I switched on my MacBook and opened what had become my favourite website online. Facebook, it was. It wasn't an ordinary day I knew it and now it was time for me to make it extraordinary for my buddy too. No sooner did I log in, a message popped up on the screen, my buddy Manik Malhotra it was. It was a simple greeting from his side and I made way to reply him.
"Morning to you too, your highness.", I wrote. "Someone seems to be cool-headed this morning. What's the surprise?" He replied. And as expected, he guessed it before I could even give a slightest hint about the surprise to him. I chose to be straightforward and avoid dragging that pinch of suspense in him. "Am coming there, to India. Next week, it's mom-dad's 30th wedding anniversary." "That means, I have to be there. Message me all your flight details. Will be there." He replied. His love, his care, his protectiveness, his possessiveness are all known to me and that is what made me head over heals with my buddy. But, all this is hidden behind the mask of his 'friendship', as he says, leaving no room for me to even think of destroying it intentionally on my own. I messaged him all the details the following day and he happily replied giving me a 'Message Hug' as he was overwhelmed to have me there after almost a year.

The week that followed went quite busy. I practiced harder as it was almost time. As they say, to gain something you gotta loose something too. I couldn't catch up with Manik alot. I did but it started with a greeting, followed by some plans about the party and ended with a 'ttyl'. All my efforts were for him specially so I couldn't wait to see him. It was time for the flight and I was anxiously happy. Mukti was fast asleep as soon as we got our allotted seats in the plane. She used the window seat, I used the second one.

A little later I noticed an air-hostess continuously persuading a guy to switch off his cell phone. He was reluctant to do so as he was last minute chatting with his girlfriend who awaits him at his motherland where he was travelling to.

This situation is somewhat similar to mine. Here even I'm waiting to land there to meet my Manik after so long, actually for the first time after being his bff. Though, we were just friends but I knew it wasn't just it. It was love at least from my side. I am well aware that these feelings are mutual but he had concealed them under the title of best friendship.

I can't help but blush at the thought of me having Manik all for me after I reward him with the surprise. Since, I exactly knew the reason behind his reluctance to see our relationship more than friendship, it wasn't difficult for me to plan the surprise. Those were two obstacles which I knew I'd overcome.
The credits of the same not only go to me but also to Mukti and her brother Cabir.

The first obstacle was my language. I was born and raised here itself in America. Though, I was in New York first but later shifted to California for my school and college. I am pursuing  my degree in PhD. My parents never really tried to teach me Hindi. They taught me a little in my early years but those tit-bits were long forgotten as I grew up and lost practice of speaking it too. My parents shifted back to India, reasons best known to them. I was fine as I aimed to study and practice here in America itself. Second, I had a null knowledge of music. It wasn't that I couldn't sing but the peculiarities were what I lacked. Manik always aimed to have a singer like him to be his life partner not a pro but still should sing well. His family being orthodox wanted a girl of their own linguist, Hindi. Manik could never go against his family as they mattered to him the most. I for the first time ever felt that need to learn both of them at a certain situation, as for me I liked Manik from the start.

It was a year before when I met him. Cabir was Mukti's twin so I had developed an appreciable bond with him. The occasion was that of Cabir and his childhood love Navya's engagement. I and Mukti went to India to attend it. I wouldn't say that our meet was co-incidental because it was evident by Mukti's statement 'C'mon Nandini make a move. You gotta meet my friend who's single and searching for a partner.' What followed was me being dragged only to bang in a 6 feet tall guy which turned to be my Manik. Our first meet comprised just a simple greeting and knowing each other's alumni and goals. I was in my second last year of PhD then and now it was my final year. Whereas, he was already a professional singer in India. What impressed me was his fan following, females exceeded the ratio of males. We didn't meet again the same day all because of Cabir, the tease. His statement 'Seems like Goddess Venus is quite free today. She hooked up...' . He wasn't able to complete his sentence as my saviour Mukti pinched him hard on his back. The situation became quite awkward so we didn't talk further. It was later when we were back in our respective lives that we talked normally. I had sent him a friend request on Facebook and to my fortune he accepted it the same day. He was quite active on SNS. We used to chat a lot, to him it seemed as if we were long lost buddies separated by distance. We had our first video chat cum first face to face conversation on Christmas. He was quite shocked to know that I couldn't speak Hindi, his expressions were evident. We still used to talk but the frequency of our video chats wasn't high. I didn't know when it became from like to love for me.

I tried once to know if he felt the same but he covered up saying it's just friendship. I already knew about his goals for his life partner. I don't even hold that against him as mere desires shouldn't  be the reason to compromise with our goals. I always knew to have us as a couple, the first step will have to be taken by me.

The flight lasted long enough for me practice a little bit, run those flashbacks, gossip with Mukti and catch up some sleep too. I was excited for mom-dad's party too. The theme was decided by me. It was 'Gentleman with a hint of His Lady'. It would be romantic to see all the couples be colour co-ordinated. I can't ask Manik directly to wear something matching to me but somewhere my intuitions suggested that whatever it'll be, it would be worth it.

As the flight landed and we came out of the airport, we were welcomed by an army waiting for us. The army had mine and Mukti's parents, Rishab, Cabir, Navya and obviously Manik. I hugged mom-dad and Rishab before I pounced upon Manik almost making him loose his balance.

According to my surprise I had to remain quiet for most of the time till the party which is scheduled the next day. After reaching home, citing the excuse of jet lag I rushed to my room to rest for a little while and give last touch-up's  to my surprise. I had planned them so brilliantly that even Mukti doesn't know about it. She being my room-mate and my soul sister couldn't know the surprise which awaits for all my loved ones, especially him.

Let's hope for the best. Tomorrow's a big day.



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