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Chapter 44

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~Ed's Best Friend~

Chapter 44

Rose's POV

Over the past three weeks Adam and I have been catching up a lot! And, a part from his stupid remarks about Harry, I'm really glad he's here! I feel so comfortable and safe around him, and that's exactly what I need now Harry is gone.

Harry and I talk on the phone  every night, he tells me about his day and all his crazy adventures and I tell him about my days at college. It's nice to hear his voice once in a while but it also makes me realize how much I miss him, how much I miss his curls, his dimples, his eyes, his sweetness. It made me regret my decision to date him sometimes... 

The sound of my phone makes me move away from the couch I've been sitting on for about 3 hours, watching stupid movies because that's the only thing I'm capable of doing when I'm feeling terribly sick. 

I imidialtley start smiling when I see Harry's caller's ID appear on my phone.

"Hi Babe" I speak into the phone.

"Hello, love! I'm just calling to tell you that I wont be able to talk with you tonight! I'm really busy!" Normally my smile grows even wider when I hear his voice but now it fades, the disappointment hitting me.

"Oh, okay" I response in monotone. I can't tell him that I'm feeling terrible, and that  the only thing was I was looking forwards too today. Because it's my own damn fault! We didn't make an agreement on this, it's something that developed itself over the past weeks, it's something I can't rely on. 

"I'm really sorry! Call you as soon as I can okay! Love you!" And before I'm able to response, to say 'I love you' back, he ends the call, leaving me a bit taken back. This isn't like him! 

Maybe he's just busy...  too busy to talk to me for five minutes?.. That can't be it, there's something else going on...  Why would he even lie to me?

Argh I need to stop this! 

Adam's POV

"Thank you" I tell the woman behind the check out, she nods in response with a polite smile on her face. With a satisfied smirk on my face I make my way out of the market and towards Harry´s place, where Rose currently lives.

If she can´t come to meet me because she´s feeling sick, I´ll come to her. How sweet am I?

Maybe I can finally get her to realize that I´ll always be there for her...

Within a couple of minutes I reached the house and ring the bell. Nervously I wait for her to open as my foot taps on the ground. 

Just when I start to question myself if she´s even there, the door swings open, revealing Rose in her pyjamas, she´s not wearing any make up and her wavy hair is in a messy bun. She really does look sick and tired with her red nose and cheeks.

"Adam? What are you doing here?" She asks a bit shocked, probably never expecting me.

"Just checking on you, and bringing you this." I say, pointing at the grocery bag in my hand.

"Aahw that´s so sweet of you!" She smiles. "But I really don´t want you to get sick too!"

"Don´t be so stupid" I chuckle. "Can I come in?"

She giggles, opening the door a bit further, mentioning I can pass her with a smile on my face I walk in. This is exactly how I planned it! If I can´t win her with this...

"What are you smiling about?" She looks at me with a sympathetic look before sneezing.


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