What's With The Sad Little Boy Act

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Lily's pov

It had been weeks since the incident at the station I hadn't left my house I didn't go to school I didn't talk to anyone.. I just laid in bed trying to make the voices stop but they wouldn't. Everyday I had someone new visiting me, doctors therapist and friends but I didn't talk I didn't even look at them I just stared out the window.

School had finished and prom was a couple of days away and graduation was next week, I hadn't heard from any companies for dance I was starting to lose hope that I would be stuck here.

knock,knock. i didn't answer the knock i just sat up while the person entered it was my mother she looked worried, she had taking time off work to look after me but it wasn't really working i didn't eat i barley slept and when i did i woke up in cold sweat shaking and crying, it wasn't a pleasant sight. i looked at my tiered and worried mother to see she was holding an envelope i frowned slightly.

"How are you?" she asked quietly as she entered my dark room I just shrugged?

"I have a letter for you " as she said it she smiled I raised an eyebrow, she came and sat on the bed while she smiled at me handing me the envelope. I looked at her then at the envelope unsure weather to open it she nodded and I tore it open.

Congratulation we accept you audition tape and are happy to inform you that you will be joining the cast of Chicago on broadway see you on the 26th of June to stare rehearsals !!!

"I'm so proud of you" I heard my mum say as I read the letter over and over again I looked at her tears in my eyes.

"Is this real... am I leaving" I said with disbelief she nodded and smiled, I smiled and let the happy tears fall out .

"I'm in!" I said it again I then got up on my bed starting to jump up and down like a little girl I laughed and my mum did to it had been awhile since I laughed and smiled but it was amazing .

"I'M IN CHICAGO!!!" I screamed I then hugged my mum who was laughing and crying I then heard my brother and dad burst into the room.

"Whats wrong?"

"What happened?" they both said at the same tim their voices laced with concern I looked up and smiled at them they frowned with confusing I then ran up to them hugging them.

"why are you hugging us ? i mean I'm happy your happy but..." my brother started to say and i laughed at him

"What your brother meant was" my dad tried to cover my brother but it didn't work instead I just shoved the letter in their faces they both frowned then read the latter their faces went from concentration to shock. Then all of the sudden my brother had picked me up hugging me while he cheered my name as my dad read the letter and started to cry with joy.

My brother let me down and I couldn't help but cry they all came up and hugged me and I cried even more.

"I'm so sorry to worry you all I really am" I whispered they all pulled back and my dad cupped his hand around my face he was close to tears again.

"As long as your better now I don't care its been ages since I have seen that smile on your face and I'm so happy that your happy" he said I laughed slightly and hugged him tightly.

Knock knock we heard another knock I looked to see my friends, Mia ,Charlie and Riley but no Ethan or nina.

"What have we just walked into???" Riley said confused Mia looked happy and charlie was smiling , i smiled at them all and ran up to hug them

"Whats happened?" Mia asked, I pulled back and my smile grew wider as I told them they all started congratulating me as my smile grew then they all hugged me.

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