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British Bird

After being removed from her parents care at the age of six, Sang experienced foster care after foster care until she ended up with the best people she could ever have hoped for in her life; Johnny & Cara Taylor.

Eighteen months, that's how long thirteen year old Sang had with Johnny and Cara. They became the best eighteen months of Sang's life but just three weeks out of those eighteen months she'll treasure forever, close to her heart.

The three weeks she spent in America where she met Academy boys: Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke, North, Sean and Owen were the best three weeks of her life. The darkness wasn't so dark, the smiles weren't so fake and the laughter was real. But most of all, she experienced a love like no other; she gave them her heart.

Only to have it broken when she's removed from Johnny and Cara's care. Sang tried to keep contact; letter after letter was sent, but no replies ever came. Eventually, giving up was the only option.

Now six years later, it's Sang against the world. She continues to walk the streets of London, living in her run down flat and trying to follow a dream of someday helping children that were just like her. Her smiles were forced, her laugh wasn't real. She was simply just existing, trying to be by.

Until the boys show up out of nowhere, turning her world upside down. Stubborn and heart broken, Sang gives them the cold shoulder but they don't take the hint and they do what Academy boys do best: They try and make it all better.

Forgiveness is something Sang eventually gives the boys, but is she able to hand back over the shattered pieces of her heart? Can she learn to trust them again?

Experience Sang and the boys in a whole new adventure where hearts are on the line and happiness is just out of reach.

This story will have its first update the 1st of October. Other updates will follow every 10 days simply so I can keep a head with pre-written chapters and still focus on my other stories. I have to many on-going ones, I know but when a new idea strikes, I just have to write it. Hopefully before posting the first chapter to this story I'll have at least Sang Gifted crossed of my list and complete.

Updates from the 1st of October as follow:

Saturday 1st October - Chapter One
Monday 10th October - Chapter Two
Thursday 20th October - Chapter Three
Sunday 30th October - Chapter Four
Wednesday 9th November - Chapter Five
Saturday 19th November - Chapter Six
Tuesday 29th November - Chapter Seven

I can't wait to start sharing this story with you! :)

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