chapter 10 " love me like you do "

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Next day I was running withe Alex where we usually practice. And for sure John was there too, he didn't take his sight off me, even Alex noticed that.

She said " so Mia, any new between you and him? "  I looked to her so she winked me then she looked at John to say " he didn't move his eyes off you today, I think he's think about you seriously or let's say ... There is feelings"

I don't know what to say so I laughed a little then I said "really! .. How can you tell that? "

I know its maybe a stupid question, but I wanted to hear what she has noticed.

She slowed a bit then she look me in the eye saying " look, John never laughed, talked, hang out, sit or even starred to a girl this way since I know him. You are the only one, I can read people and you are a good girls from the start I know that you'll be different. Now go and have fun with John."

I said " but! .. You ? " she replied " I'll run continue running it's okay" another smiley wink.

Alex start running faster so I followed her saying "BUT wait! " ..

And out of no where she called John yelling still running fast saying " MIA WANTS To TALK TO YOUU ..! "

I stopped, surprised of what she have done!!! Alex waved good bye to me, I sighed then I turned to John's running.

she is crazy!! Probably he will think that we were talking about him .. Which is true. " talking to my self while I'm heading to John.

Because of the over thinking that I've been through I full down on the stairs.  My knee hit hard.

John jumped trying to catch me saying " watch out!! " but it happened fast. So he helped me to stand up.

I caught him trying to hide his laugh when I looked up on his face. I squeezed my right eye looking at him saying " don't laugh!"

He giggled twice then he stopped by saying " Here .. Give me you hand "

I reached his hand to his hand and thanking him.

We walked to where he was sitting.
The way he looks trying to hide his smiles but still shown, I can't see them and not to smile too.

John helped me to have a sit, the he asked me ” are you fine?? .." He placed his hand on my knee saying " does it hurt you?"

I looked at his hand on my knee, I felt something inside of me, and I don't know what is it but I didn't show it, so I nodded by saying " No! ... I'm fine John, Doesn't hurt that much." And I smiled at him.

"Great!" John said as he sit right next to me. Then we didn't say any think.

At first I was busy rubbing my knee, when I felt John's hand on my hair!

My head still facing my knee but my eyes are moving to John's side. He felt it from the top to almost the middle of it and place it front of my shoulder.

I turned my face to see John looking at me, checking every detail in my face, to end it by looking at my eyes. While his face was showing a hidden smile.

I asked him foolishly "what !". John didn't answer me, but that hidden smile started to show up slowly.

I called his name twice. My cheeks are getting red I can feel it!

"You know you are beautiful" John said. He let go my hair to hold my face. His both thumbs are in front of my ears where the rest are behind them, seeking their way between my hair.

He is getting closer. I can't move this time. His eyes are looking down to my lips as I'm feeling his breath.

I'm confused, I don't know what to do! My heart is beating so fast, and I feel like I can't breath. I think the best thing is to close my eyes.

His lips are touching mine softly for a sweet kiss!

It seemed  pure kiss from the heart. ♡

John  moved to the back still holding my head. Then he placed his right hand to my chin, and let the other one, looking at me with is beautiful smiley eyes.

I didn't say anything, because in fact I don't know what to say, so I'm waiting John to break the ice and say something.

Finally! He did. John said calmly " I trust you Mia. And I know that I'll never feel sorry for this."

I placed the back of my hands in my cheeks to reduce the redness. Then I looked down smiling to what I've heard.

" MIAA .. ! We need to go now! " that was Alex's voice.  Calling me just at the right time, because I feel like I have to reply to what John said but I have no idea what to say.

I turned my face to Alex yelling " Am coming! " then I told John that I have to go.

He mumbled with a sarcastic smile saying" Again! " then he said clearly " okay .. See you later" I replied while standing " sure! "

When I reached Alex I told her that she came at the perfect time. She started to jump in her place with stupid smile saying in stupid way too '' I knowww!! .. I know .. I saw you .. I saw him kissing youu!! "

I asked Alex to stop jumping , because I can't focus. She did then she said after getting calm " I felt that you are confused so I called you yo survive the situation"

I took deep breath, then we walked away and telling her what happened.


Same day afternoon when I was doing my homework, my phone ringed whatsapp message tune.

I replaced my pin down to see the message. It's John.

John " Alex said that you want to tell me something but you didn't get the chance to say it .... So what is it? "

Again I don't know what to answer! What's going on with me today?!!

I looked to the wall thinking of something reasonable to say. After 5 minutes  of thinking, I remembered that tomorrow is the day of Alex's party so I thought of asking him to come with me if he would like to.

He took time to reply saying.

John " okay .. Why not 😋 "

Yaaaay! He is coming, we will have much fun!


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