Part 13

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I love you..!! He said pecking her on her lips.

Love you more..!! She said cupping his face.

Both slept in each other arms..!!

Next morning

Manik was first one to wake up and he saw most beautiful dream of his life came true..!!

His life is sleeping in his arms sleeping peacefully..!! He was staring at her with love..!!

Then he saw her moving in her sleep..!! He immediately closed her eyes..!!

She opened her eyes and saw beautiful scene in front of her eyes..!! She was sleeping in arms..!! In this 7 years she curved to be in his her..!!

She slowly caressed his forehead and pecked on his forehead..!!

Then she caressed a mole above his lips, and remember how she told him that it's make him look more handsome when she surrendered her self to him..!!

She slowly tried to come out of his grip..!! But in return his grip got tighten.

She again tried to come out but stopped and started blushing hearing his words..!!

Jaan..!! Let me sleep na..!! He said pulled her more to him..!!

She again tried but this time his words shocked her to the core..!!

Princy baby..!! Please last night you didn't let me sleep..!!

Tears were falling from her eyes, she pushed him with force and sat on bed.

She was about get out from bed..!! But manik held her hand pulled her towards him..!!

Where do you think you are going? He said huskily biting on her ears..!!

Chodo mujh..!! I am not your princy she said and struggled to get out from his grip.

But he hugged her more tightly..!!

I know you are not my princy..!! He said and placed a tight kiss on her cheeks, he felt something wet on his lips..!! he got up with jerk and looked at her..!!

Shittt..!! Jaan I was kidding baby..!! Princy is my pet..!! He said wiping her tears.

Next moment she pushed him on bed moved up on him and started hitting with pillow..!!

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