Chapter 15. Edited.

Kira P.O.V.

I was in so much shock from Cameron's announcement that he had cancer. I bit my lip as I said it. Cancer. Why? Why Cameron? Why Now?

''Kira are you OK'', Cameron asked as I turned for the road to his house.

''Yes'', I said and forced a smile.

''I can drive if you're not able to'', Cameron said with a smile. I took the offer with open arms and pulled in on the road straight away.

''Thanks'', I said smiling now. I opened the door and scuttled to the other side where Cameron was standing looking down at me.

''Your taking this worse than I did'', He said laughing.

''Id punch you, but you're sick'', I said hopping into the passenger seat and shutting the door and Cameron's loud laughter out.

Cameron hopped into the driver's seat still laughing and shut his door. ''I was just thinking'', He said with an evil smile spreading across his face.

''What?'', I asked waiting for some smart remark as he pulled off.

''I ''De-Flowered'' you'', He said bursting into laughter.

''To heck with being sick'', I said as I went at swatting him.

''Hey! Hey!'', He said trying to keep his eyes on the road. ''Cancer patient driving a car'', He said flicking his hair.

''Whatever'', I said looking out the window.

Cameron sighed. ''What?'', I asked.

''What will you ever do without me?'', He said jokingly.

''That's not funny!'', I insisted.

''I'm trying to look on the bright side of life'', He said smiling.

''On that note'', He said. ''I'm dying my hair blue!'', He said serious.

''You are not!'', I said.

''I am so. I want blue hair before it falls out!'', He said laughing again.

''What?'', I asked shocked.

''What? What?'', He asked confused.

''Your hair going to fall out?'', I asked looking at his perfect hair.

''Comes with the Chemo'', He said smiling at his own little rhyme.

''You are happy these days'', I said changing the subject.

''Off the painkillers I'm in pain, but I'm me'', He said serious. ''The old me'', He whispered. ''Are you ok to drive yourself home?'', He asked.

''No'', I said with a sarcastic smile. ''Of course I am''

''Are you sure?'', He asked now the one who wore a sarcastic smile.

''Yes Very'', I replied hopping out of the car to change places with him.

''Oh by the way'', I said.

''My brothers having a house party tonight you should come'', I said smiling.

''Sure thing Oreo'', He said walking away laughing.

I laughed to myself and shut the door and turned the car on and drove home.

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