seven | is it that obvious?

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Something is off about Clarke. It must be Finn and Raven. She's been so distracted since we discovered them. The look on her face then was similar to the one she had when she had told me that the flares didn't work. Finn must mean a lot to her.

Not that I care, but it makes me feel more alone. Even Clarke, who is supposed to be my partner in all of this, has someone. It's only me that doesn't.

"So, onto guns..." I say as Clarke yawns. "Who has access?"

"I don't know," Clarke says, letting her eyes flutter. "We could create a guard, like on the Ark..."

"I thought we wanted to do things differently than the Ark," I say, fake-chipper, mocking her.

My attempt at humor doesn't make her feel any better. "The Ark didn't create the idea of a guard, Bellamy," she tells me. "It's been around forever."

"Okay, then who gets to be on the guard?" I question.

"I don't know..." She can barely keep her eyes open.

"Okay, Clarke, you're obviously tired." Her head is now on the table. "I think we should head back to camp, and finish this in the morning. It's been a long day." I wait for an acknowledgement, but none comes. "Clarke?" I awkwardly tap her on the shoulder. "Clarke?"

She's definitely asleep. I push a strand of hair away from her face so I can see it. She looks too peaceful to disturb. After the day she's had, I don't have the heart to wake her up. I lift her head off of the table and scoop her up in my arms. Man, she's as a heavy sleeper; she doesn't even stir. I set her down on the bed, and pull the blanket over her.

I can't leave her here again. I grab the pillow next to her on the bed that she's not using and put it on the floor. I check on her again to make sure she's still asleep then I lie down on the ground next to her bed. I fall asleep, and I try not to dream of her, not while she's dreaming of Finn.


I wake up the next morning in the bed in the art supply store. I sit up immediately. I don't remember falling asleep here. The last thing I remember, Bellamy and I had been making the laws at the table. I turn to see him, asleep on the floor. Oh.

Did he carry me here? Or had I been too tired to remember walking here myself? I have no idea, but then I recall what happened in this bed last night. Not wanting to think any more about it, I crawl out of bed and go back to the table.

I look over what Bellamy and I decided. It all seems reasonable. To be honest, I don't think I was really paying attention for most of the process. My mind was on Finn and Raven, even though I should've been focused on moving on. Moving on. It sounds a lot easier than it is.

Suddenly, I hear Bellamy stirring. I turn around to see him open his eyes.

"Morning, Princess," he says, standing up.

"Thanks, for uh... staying here last night," I tell him. "You didn't have to do that."

His eyes widen. "Oh! Oh, no problem, yeah, it was no big deal..."

A smile creeps on my face. "Yeah, well, thanks."

"Yeah," he says, running a hand through his hair. "Uh... We should probably get back then," he suggests. "We can finish this later..."

"We keep putting it off," I say, laughing. "You sure it'll ever get done?"

He laughs, too. It's a nice sound that I never hear from him. "We'll finish it at some point. We should probably see if Raven got the radio done. I mean, I think you scared her into working on it the whole night."

"I wasn't that mean, was I?"

"Nah," he says. "But it would have been more reasonable if you weren't actually yelling at her because of Finn."

I look over at his blank expression. "Is it that obvious?"

"It is to me," he tells me, shrugging. "I don't know about Raven."

I sigh. "Finn and I aren't together, and we weren't together," I say. "But it kind of feels like we were."

He just nods. I don't know why I'm telling him this. He brought it up.

"Anyway, yeah, she hopefully finished the radio," I say. "Not only do we need to tell the Ark we're alive, we're going to need some help with how to survive until we do get here. We have the Grounders to worry about, but also natural elements."

He nods again. I'm rambling.

"Are you okay?" I ask him, and he looks like he's snapping out of a daydream.

"Yeah," he replies quietly.

"I know I yelled at you a lot, but it's okay, Bellamy." I meet his eyes. "We're okay."

So I know they didn't have guns at this point in the story (in the show), but it's fan fiction... Just pretend someone else found them instead of Clarke and Bellamy. The beginning of this fanfic is going to be very similar to the show, but with more Bellarke, but then it's going to branch out and get a little more creative. Thanks to anyone who's reading!

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