Is It True (Part 1)

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Lol this chapter sucked.

Kyle's Pov.

I haven't spoke to violet in three days. I was kinda getting scared that maybe she doesn't want to talk to me. I soon grabbed my phone and went on twitter. I remembered her twitter name from when we were dating. Luckily she didn't change it. Her last tweet said: with him again and there was a photo. My heart stopped as I read the tweet. I looked at the photo and it was some guy that I have never seen before. They were both smiling. This tweet was sent two hours ago. I thought I was gaining her trust. I thought she wasn't suppose to break mine. I climbed out of the bunk and walked over to the kitchen area and sat down. I just sat there thinking until Joshua asked what was wrong. I handed him my phone and he looked at it.

"Yeah so she moved on and why would you be worried you haven't talked since a year." I forgot he had no clue what was going on.

"Well Joshua at Andy's party she was there with her friend Jessica. I talked to her. I apologized for what i did and surprisingly she accepted it. I was going to go to breakfast with her the next morning but found her now ex boyfriend hurting her so I helped her by letting her stay at my house. We hung out some more and she told me that she would have to gain her trust back with me for what I did. I'm just upset because I didn't know she was already seeing someone and I was hoping to be with her again but it's never going to happen now." Tear were forming.

"Damn Kyle I didn't know that was going on. Maybe it was a friend?"

"I hope."

Today was a day off and I was really hoping to talk to violet but that's not going to happen. Eric soon came rushing into the bus.

"Damn Eric what's your problem?"

"I know what we could do today! we can go to the zoo and pet kangaroos and kola bears!"

"Yeah we should that would be fun." Dave said.

"Great ill call a taxi." Eric went towards the back lounge to call a taxi.

Maybe going to the zoo will get my mind off of things. But I doubt it.


We made it to the zoo. We first looked at the map to see where we would go first. We just decided on walking around and just seeing all type of animals. We first saw zebras, then monkeys, then hippos and etc. we entered the "koala kingdom". We looked at the koalas and got to pet them. We stood in line to take a photo with the koalas. It was my turn and I made a funny face.

Next we saw the kangaroos. I was soon thinking about Violet because kangaroos were her favorite animal.
Andy was trying to take a photo with a kangaroo when it kicked him in the leg. We all busted out laughing as Andy clutched his calf.

"That fucking kangaroo!" Andy covered his mouth as he notice children were around. Too late they heard him curse.

After the zoo we went back to the bus.
Everyone was in the front drinking and having a good time. I just stayed in my bunk. I was of course thinking of violet.

"Kyle!" I heard my name being yelled. Soon it was coming closer.

"Kyle get the fuck up." My curtain was being ripped open and I was soon face to face with Andy. He literally drug me out of my bunk. We made it to the kitchen area where I found everyone sitting there drinking. Dave handed me a beer and I gladly accepted it.

"Call her." Joshua said. I just shook my head.

"Kyle. Really? Do you care about her or not."

"I just don't want to talk about it."

"We all know." Dave said.

"Fuck. I just don't want her to say oh yeah I'm in a relationship sorry."

"Kyle what if its a friend you never know unless you call her. Also is she worth fighting for?"


"Call her now or I will do it for you." Joshua demanded.

I got up and walked to the back lounge. My heart was racing and I was shaking as I was dialing her number.


"Violet. Can we talk?"

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