Chapter 9

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Heyo! Hope you like this chapter!

David's POV :
We walk into Liza's place and go straight to the couch and put on a film. We're sitting there cuddling when Liza's phone goes off. It was a text from Liza's Ex... I saw Liza just freeze and slowly look up at me.
David- "It's okay"
Liza- "Are you sure? I'll block his number now"
David- "It's fine babe, I know you. You won't do anything 'stupid' "
Liza just smiled an unsure smile.

Text cov:
Melvin- Hey baby, I really miss you. Can you please give me a second
chance? Xx

Liza- No Melvin. You know what you done and I'm with David now. We're getting married soon and I love him. Thank you but goodbye.

Melvin- What? You still haven't forgiven me for what I done? It was just a fling it meant nothing. Come on! We were such a good couple. I love you Liza, please?
*End of conversation*
David- "What the fuck is his problem? You've already said that you don't want him why can't he just except that?!"
Liza- "David babe calm down. You know nothing's gonna happen with me and him. I'm just gonna block his number now"
David- "I'm sorry. I just don't want to lose you and I'm just worried"
Liza- "What are you worried about baby?"
David- "The wedding, YouTube...losing you. I don't know I'm just worried"
Liza- "Come here" we hug for what feels like forever. David soon starts planting small kisses down my neck while I run my fingers through his hair. He picked me up and carried me to my bedroom and we don't break the kiss the hole time.
We're laying on my bed making out. David hovers me and gives me a look... (I think y'all know what I mean 😂)

<Next Day>

Liza's POV :
I wake up its 8:30am and I think of last night. It was amazing, David is still asleep. I check my phone and there are more text from Melvin he just won't give up. I text Gabbie and see if she wants to hang out.

Text convo :
Liza- "Hey Gab, wanna hang out today? I can come over your place if you wanna? Xx

Gabbie- "Yeah sure that'd be great. You can help me build some of my ikea furniture I'm literally dying doing it myself 😂 xx

Liza- "Haha sure I'll bring Starbucks! I'll get your usual? Xx

Gabbie- "Sounds great see ya in about 30 minutes? Xx"

Liza- "See ya then! Little brow girl out! 😂 xx"

Gabbie- "Goodbye Liza 😂xx"
*end of conversation*
I go make myself some breakfast quickly, have a shower then get ready and do my makeup. I just put on some jeans and a random top.
I wake up David to say bye
Liza- "Hey dave baby?" I whisper while shaking him gently "I'm going to see Gabbie. I'll be back in a few hours. I love you bye" I kiss his soft pink lips
David- "Love you baby" he's says quietly

<At Starbucks>
I walk into Starbucks and order mine and Gabbies drinks when I notice a familiar face...It was Melvin. Luckily the drinks where done I grab them and quickly walk out and get in my car and speed off.
I finally get to Gabbie's and knock on the door.
Gabbie- "Hey girl! Oh thanks for the drink, come in" she says while hugging me
Liza- "Uh yeah it's fine um hi"
Gabbie- "Okay. What's happened? What's wrong?"
Liza- "You can't tell David" I explain everything to her about James about last night and seeing him at Starbucks.
Gabbie- "So are you gonna tell David?" She says taking a sip out of her drink
Liza- "I really don't know. I think I will-" just as I said that I got up and ran to the bathroom and was sick.
Gabbie- "Woah! Liza! Omg are you okay?!"
Liza- "Yeah yeah...I'm fine. Just feel a little sick"
Then it came to me. Me and David didn't use a condom last night.
Liza- "Omg Gabbie! I. I. I think I'm pregnant!" I said with tears rushing down my face
Gabbie- "Right I know what to do. You take deep breaths and calm down okay? Everything will be fine, I'm gonna go get some tests you stay here. I'll be back soon" she said giving me a big hug
*20 minutes later*
Gabbie gets back with 5 pregnancy tests and I go to the bathroom and see. They were all positive. I was so happy but so so scared. I don't know what David will think or do.
I come out and see Gabbie.
Gabbie- "So?"
Liza- "I'm. Pregnant!"
Gabbie- "Omg I'm so happy for you!"
Liza- "I'm happy to" we were both crying at this point
After a few minutes pass Gabbie asks
Gabbie- "You should go home. See David tell him the amazing news"
Liza- "I will. But I'm so scared "
Gabbie- "Liza don't be. He'll be over the moon! Trust me"
Liza- "Thank you"
We hug each other goodbye and I get to my car. I drive home and get to my apartment I unlock the door and I see David cooking.
David- "Yay your home! I missed you oh and I thought I'd make us dinner" he said with him cute smile. I walk over to him and give him a big hug.
David- "Is everything okay?"
Liza- "Yeah. I missed you too baby"
David pulled me over to the couch and we sat down
David- "Baby what's wrong? You can tell me you know that"
Liza- "I know. Well. Um."
David- "Your worrying me. You know whatever it is I'm here. You know that"
Liza- "Well. I'm pregnant"

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