Chapter 35 | Rose Among Thorns

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I started writing shots fired a year ago this month 😭😍🎉 It's been a crazy wonderful adventure that I've locked away safe to forever treasure, meeting all you guys has been bloody life changing! Thank you so much guys, for everything. You guys woke up the determined girl inside of me, when I wasn't sure I should keep going. I've been going through withdrawals LOL not being on here much lately :( I didn't expect growing up to take everything I love away from me so suddenly... So if your reading this, and still sticking with Shots Fired - I just want to give you the biggest cyber hug this world has ever seen!!! 😍💗💋💋 I don't plan on stopping. I will finish shots fired if it kills me LOL. So I appreciate every bit of support you guys have given to me, especially through this rough patch in my life :') I haven't written in a couple months, so I apologize that I'm still rusty....and although the beginning of this chapter is angsty - Don't miss out on bits inbetween, and the endish ;) Love you my beautiful oncer family, to bacon bits!! 😍😘😘😘😚 p.s I'm posting in a hurry, so I apologize for mistakes!
I suggest reading back for a bit of a refresher, to the last flashback chapter ( 33, corrupt royals)
Flashback, aka Past.
The worst goodbyes, are of those when you don't have a choice.
When life changing things are left unsaid, and problems left unfixed.

"Missing you... comes in waves. And tonight," Emma pauses, hardly managing to choke out the rest of her train of thought to no one in particular when regrettably, and with a sinking feeling in her gut, she ponders on the fresh memory of how she destroyed her own happiness. Killians radiant blue eyes, pleading with her as he closed himself off...Slow tears trickling down his cheek. Once, not so very long before she shattered him, they were so full of joy and an all burning passion for her... "I'm drowning." Her small, broken voice cracks. As her glossy emerald eyes stare up to the glowing moon, the foggy forests deafening silent tonight. And it's swallowing Emma's uneasy mind whole.

She wishes she could go back.

Back before she hurt him? Maybe.

But her mind ventures further, yearning to go back to a time before she knew him.... Before she was vulnerable. Before she could get hurt.
"Love definitely is weakness." She grumbles
Her heart clenches. Hating herself for even entertaining that thought.

Glistening Streams from salty tears roll off the sides of her hot cheeks, her ears wet, and her blonde hair damp, causing it to uncomfortably stick to the sides of her face as she lays on her back looking up at the countless stars.
Praying for something to dull the pain.

"I don't believe in fairytales."

"Actually, that's a lie. I definitely do. Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming...."

"But I sure as hell don't believe everyone gets happy endings."

Was I neieve to believe in us....?

She covers her face with her cold palms.

But while she's laying her in a foreign field, talking to the moon, she knows full well that The clock is ticking. Her chances to get him back, fading with each heartbeat.

How dare Brennan try to tell me who I am and am not allowed to love.
That bastard woke the lion within her stormy, raging heart.

Nose crinkled, and fists balling up, Emma thinks about how she wants to tear that man to shreds, bring his kingdom to ruin - and make off with Killian.

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