Chapter 5

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Skye opened her bottle green eyes. Her dirty blonde hair covered her small face. She wiped her hair out of her face and rolled over, she had slept on her side facing the wall. She sat up, leaning back on her arms, her hands planted into the bed sheets. Skye stared at the pale blue wall infront of her, only a few feet away from the door of the bed. Nothing was on that wall. Skye stared at it until she heard a door creak open. She assumed it was Sean, who was just waking up. Today is the day he's taking me back, to my parents, back to that school with Bri. She thought. The guest room door was cracked a small bit. She turned her head at the right moment to see Sean's bright green hair walk out of his room and down the hallway. Skye threw her legs over the bed, she was still wearing jeans and she wished she would have changed. Then she remembered her bag. Skye looked beside the door, and there was her bag with her clothes, phone, and laptop. Sean must have brought it in here. She thought. Skye stood up and walked out of the pale blue room. She walked down the hallway to what appeared to be the kitchen. She rubbed her eyes and walked into the small area Sean had for a kitchen.
"Good morning, Skye." Sean looked over to Skye.
"Good morning Mr. Green Hair." Skye smiled.
     "We must leave soon. I'm sure your parents are worried sick." Sean still didn't know the girl. Skye didnt know him. "You're lucky I was nice enough to not take you last night. I could have been a kidnapper." Skye nodded, sadness filling her head with thoughts of what Bri has said to her.
   "But I really don't want to go home..." Skye said softly, a terrified look filled her eyes. "She'll call me horrible names..." She looked outside. "Don't send me back..." Sean just nodded.
  "Skye, I have to. You're parents would kill me, I don't even know who they are." Skye looked up at Sean with pleading eyes. 
     "But if I go back, she'll kill me." Skye said in reply.
    "I'm sorry, but we're taking you home. You live here in Dublin, right?" Sean asked. "You didn't look like you were walking for long."
    It sure felt like it, Skye thought. "Oh, uh, yeah..." She said quietly.
     "Let's go." Sean grabbed his keys off a table and headed for the door. Skye followed, a sad look on her small face. She almost looked angry. They got into the car, and drove. "What's your address?" Sean asked Skye.

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