Misery and Woe

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They were both silent as the light changed and they weren't the only ones waiting at the crosswalk

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They were both silent as the light changed and they weren't the only ones waiting at the crosswalk.

He rubbed the back of his neck. "My car's over there."

Cora followed his gaze across the street to a hunter green Taurus. "Oh, no." She waved her hand. She couldn't be expected to go anywhere with a stranger.

He raised his eyebrows. "At least let me call you a cab."

Cora tried to move her arm again, to show she was fine but pain shot through it. She cringed. Her great-grandmother could fix broken bones in two blinks of her eyes, a spell Cora hadn't yet mastered. She'd warned Cora she couldn't let this one get away. She needed to stick to him like a wart on a cheek, and this wasn't the time to refuse medical attention either.

She nodded. "Okay, call me a cab."

"Do you want to call someone, let them know where you're going?"

For someone his age, he sure is responsible. Then again, I did have to save his life.

"I'll call my mom." She took out her phone.

"Let me help you with that." Before she could object, he'd taken the phone from her.

She watched as he scrolled through her phone book for her home number and listened as he spoke to Willow. She could tell it was Willow because of how long it took him to get through to her mother. Willow liked to interrogate people, especially strangers who had her sister's cell phone.

Eventually, he got through to Stella. "Hello, I'm sorry to disturb you this evening," he said. "But your daughter's been in an accident and I've been entrusted to take her to the hospital. Would that be an okay with you?" He then had to explain who he was, why he was calling again, and where they were.

When Stella still didn't comply, he pressed the phone to Cora's ear and she said, "It's true mom." She wanted to add that she'd found the one, but didn't know how to without it sounding strange.

"I'll meet you downtown at St. Catherine's," Stella said and hung up.

Seconds later, Cora sat in the backseat of a cab next to the boy who had no idea the misery she had in store for him.

"I'm Beau by the way." He held out his hand for her to shake.

Cora had to twist in her seat to shake his using her good hand. "Cora."

"Thanks for that back there. I'm not usually so careless. You saved my life." He grinned.

Cora's didn't say anything. She watched buildings go by as they drove downtown. People often forgot about Thornpoint. Nestled between two of Brooklyn's popular neighborhoods, it wasn't a large neighborhood but it had a certain charm. Compared to the rest of Brooklyn, it was much cleaner, so clean they called it "Brooklyn's slice of paradise." Even the buildings shimmered in the glow of street lamps, and it was quiet most of the time.

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