14: The Fire

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"Months after the broke up,
he asked her...
'If he's ever crossed her mind?'
She replied with...
'You never left it' ...
She asked him..
'if he still loved her?
He replied with
'I never stopped' "
-broken thoughts

Words used : 2088


"Assalam alaikum, Humaira" Ayaz greets me with that smile that made my heart jump widly.

"Wa... Walaikum assalam, Aa...... yaz" I say trying to hide my teary eyes and racing heart.

"What is it? Already missing me so much? Naila said you wanted to talk to me? He asks glancing at me and then adjusting the camera angle.

" yeah , I wanted to umm... Actually "I couldn't even think of a decent topic to talk on about, the only thing that came to my mind was to say him the truth. To confess it and all will be fin....

" Humaira? Are you crying? He asks , the tone of his voice turning all soft and gentle making me want to cry and pour my heart out, which definitely couldn't be happening, it would create a chaos in both the families so I bit my lip to control myself from crying again.

But he definitely caught up on the fact that I'd been crying.

"Humaira look at me!what is it? Answer me? You said I'm like your own brother right so answer me? He asks panicking now.

How could I say when he thinks of me as a sister?

How can I say I have feelings for him when all we have been is childhood friends?

I don't mean to but I will be betraying him, ...

He might not talk to me again ever again...

The thoughts kept on spiralling again and again in my mind, crushing my heart with an invisible force,

this is too much,

I... I can't handle this...

I force shut down my laptop and curl into the corner of the room, tears that seem endless running down my cheeks wetting my gown which seems to absorb things far better than me. Some sane part of my mind said that these were insignificant thoughts I didn't need to worry about it, but I was far from being sane and following it as the fears and doubts crushed my heart, my mind no longer seems to be in control of me, my lungs seemed to be not working making it hard for me to breathe.

Does he even like you?

You expect him to love you?

What if he rejects you?

What if you say you like him and he stops talking to you?

He thinks of you as his sister!

All these fears kept whirling in my mind. My phone was ringing but I was scared if it was Ayaz ,

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