OUR HOUSE WILL NEVER BE A HOME (declamation piece)

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Our house will never be a home

Kring- kring kring - kring kring the alarm clock ringing on my side, suddenly I heard my mother my voice " Ana, Ana wake up its already 9 am in the morning." Mother said, here you go again waking me up, its been a week since you were here coming back in Philippines bagging my whole life into disaster I wish you weren't here, I wish you wasn't my Mother, 10 years of abandoning me? Then suddenly you came? What for? Ruining my life into mess? Knock- knock a sweet voice came out as the door open "Ana, Ana my dear your late, aren't you supposed in school by this time?''... I remember when I was a young so witty but pretty. My mother used to play her piano and I sing and sing as father genuinely lift me up it was ten years ..... a long darkened side of life , I heard a "Bang, Bang, bang " a gun Yes a gun.... Blag...as I raise my my eyes I saw him lying on the floor .... Red, red red, a blood? Yes a blood running on my father lifeless body my father died because of her , yeah because of her !because of her !.... our house never be a home...its been five months since I was here..hahaha...hahahah.... I was here because of her ... I was in Mental institution because of her... I found a house that can never be a home... hahah,... hahah... Bang...bang... bang... bang... countless shot coming from a gun, I raise my head and ,look on floor I saw my mother lying on floor together with her fresh blood!!! ... yes ! yes! I Kill her I kill her I kill my own mother hahahaha.... !!! Hahahha..... tear.. tears... suddenly fell on eyes... what for? Aren't am I happy now? I kill her, she kill him.... I am left behind .... In a house that will never be a home..

OUR HOUSE WILL NEVER BE A HOME (declamation piece)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!