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Please vote if you like this :) I want to see if it's actually good.

Hey guys! It's Tracey here. I wrote this for a November project we had to in 7th grade. I am a junior in high school now, and I just decided to have my girlfriend edit the original story. I hope you guys enjoy the new version!

Chapter 1: Things to Know about me.....
Chapter 2: Intro to my life!
Chapter 3: How "we" came to be:)
chapter 4: Live on
Chapter 5: First Kiss<3
Chapter 6: Dustin and I.....
Chapter 7: Me and my foster family
Chapter 8: Frightening fears
Chapter 9: Days with the doctors
Chapter 10: Facing my fears
Chapter 11: Where are we now?
Chapter 12: Hospitals, Hospitals and more Hospitals
Chapter 13: Life or Death
Chapter 14: See you Soon
Chapter 15: funeral plans
Chapter 16: goodbye Forever
Chapter 17: Sorry mom

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