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The hale house. The. Hale. House. Derek still couldn't believe it. After a week of it being completely finished, he still wasn't able to comprehend how much it felt to see it again.

He had paid for it to be built, the walls, floors and the painting of the house. He even paid for the doors, porch etc. Peter paid for the furniture. And pay for was the only thing he did because Lydia organized it all. (she even helped Derek design the house and the layout of the rooms, giving derek the biggest room which was the attic because he's the alpha.)

In that week they moved in properly. Well it was not properly because all the teens except Isaac had homes but they all spent their free time there anyway, they regularly slept over so it was like this was their original home to begin with. Derek decided he was okay with that.

Everyone had their own room and there still was a few extra rooms just in case, which was a good thing because on the second day in the house, Cora decided to make an appearance.

He remembered opening the door to an almost unrecognizable 17 year old girl with a duffel bag and a backpack. They had stared at each other for a solid minute before the whole pack came to see what was going on.

"my dear nephew, can you please tell me who is at the doo-" Peter walked in and just stood there next to Derek in awe.

Cora smiled. "hi big brother."

And that's when the pack witnessed something they've never seen before: Derek running up and hugging someone. "sister..." He mumbled in her hair.

Peter ran to Cora as well and derek moved away so his uncle could hug his sister without being in a group hug.

"oh Cora you were always my favourite." Peter said in which Derek rolled his eyes.

"guys this is Cora." He said as Cora began to pull away from peter. "she is my little sister. Cora this is scott-" Scott nodded.

"-this is Erica, Boyd, Isaac, Jackson who are all werewolves-" they all waved and bobbed their heads and Cora said 'hey'.

"-And this is Lydia, banshee. Danny and Stiles, humans and Allison...Argent"

Cora's eyebrows climbed "an argent in the hale pack?! I need to catch up."

Derek looked uncomfortable. "lets go do that I'll show you your room..." He said guiding Cora inside.

Looking back on that now he felt like it was a long time ago when it was in fact a few days ago, it was because she fit right in. She took a particular liking to stiles and Scott, which baffled and pleased Derek at the same time. It actually amused him to see her get along with Stiles so well because he always thought she would kind of hate him or at least find him irritating. But this was not the case, she found Stiles interesting and humorous (the same with Derek but he would never admit that. No.)

He was sitting at the table watching Stiles make lunch. It was him and Peter who took on the job of cooking but usually it was stiles who cooked for the pack. Everyone liked Stiles' food including Derek. (still not admitting it though) He didn't know what he was making but it had something to do with meat and Derek was all for it.

He had left stiles and peter in charge of food like things (mostly stiles because after everything, he still didn't trust peter) because they were just better at that sort of thing, except eating, in which derek has the biggest appetite and he was not picky when it came to food.

The kitchen looked just like in the old days except it was bigger and had more compartments for food because the Pack ate like tigers and the snack foods almost always had to be hidden (under the sink, haha) and only the three knew about it. The fridge was stocked with food and drink. The cupboards were also overflowing with food but at least once every 10 days there was a shopping trip to be had. Shopping trips meant stiles and peter pushing the cart and putting things they needed in and Scott,isaac and Jackson putting things they wanted and of course making trouble and causing fights. Derek recalled the first trip, standing on the porch with a barely contained smirk on his face, watching the trouble makers with flour in their hair, dragging bags and behind them stiles and peter furious.

"whatever it is just...shut up, okay?" Peter hissed walking in. But derek couldn't pass up on the opportunity do he asked stiles what happened.

"they were fighting in the isle that had baking products, about god knows what-"

"-Jackson put flour on my head!-" Isaac accused.

"because you wouldn't shut up abou-" Jackson started but stiles cut him off.


"yeah whittmore" Scott piped.

"fuck off mcall-" Jackson snarled and peter cut him off with a thwack behind the head.

"idiots." He muttered going into the kitchen to put the food in with stiles.

They were so immature. It was surprising that stiles wasn't even now, he did get into arguments but that usually wasn't his fault. Usually.

He had grown his hair out and it looked alot better on him than that nearly-shaven look he had. Derek liked it, then realised he liked it, then questioned himself why the hell he did all the while peter, Cora , Isaac and Erica strolled in.

"sup Derek, ooh stiles what are you cooking?" Erica enthused

"er hey Erica just beef and stuff really" stiles said clearly concentrating on the beef. He must've remembered to take his aderall today.

Isaac sat down next to Derek looking nervous. Derek picked up on it.

"what's wrong Isaac?" He asks kindly because he always had a soft spot for the kid.

"can we talk about it when we run?" He asked which to Derek, means: 'i don't want anyone to hear us because this is very personal'


Peter was making himself some tea when Cora looks at him and laughs.

"what?" He asks, confused.

"no its just I had a memory when I was little. About tea." She smiled and derek groaned loudly.

"what?" Isaac asks, amused.

Derek looked irritated but nostalgic.

"when she was like 7 or 8, Cora had tea parties. Every. Damn. Day. And she insisted there was at least two people with her"

Cora laughed and peter smirked.

"Derek was with her after school when she usually had them so it was him she had them with. He really enjoyed them." Derek groaned and everybody erupted with laughter.

"are you serious?!" Erica giggled

"sadly, yes. But she forced me" he said with a small smile on his face.

"oh come on you loved them!" Cora laughed.

"uh no I didn't"

"he secretly did" she fake whispered and the room erupted with laughter for the second time.

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