The Girl with Blue Hair

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Blue light filled her eyes, a vortex surrounded her so close her long blue hair tangled all over her face. She tried pulling her arms up to shield herself but she looked to see the vortex had hold of her. She could not move.

Beneath her was black, outside her vortex she saw nothing, but strangely, she could not remember anything. Who was she?

The vortex whipped and screamed around her getting louder and louder. She felt like she was falling, her stomach lurched up and twisted itself. Suddenly she felt a sudden tightness around her like she was packed in a small box while she fell. it got tighter and tighter around her.

She wanted to scream, but her lips were sealed. The force holding her was tighter than ever, now her arms were almost crushed.

But at last there was a sudden vanishing sound like a thunder. She was released flat onto a floor with a thud. For a long time she did not move, her head spun and she felt sick. Her eyes shut themselves.

A great many questions floated in her head, but sadly no answers. 'Where am I?' she thought.

At last she opened her eyes, they pained her from the bright light. It was a bright light, coming from the small narrow alley she lay in. the First Sun had risen above the houses surrounding her and was pounding down on her. Her legs rebelled but grasping feebly at the walls she clambered to her feet.

Dazed and sickly she stumbled down the alleyway. The sky above her was a funnel, two houses packed tightly loomed above her. She did not recognise the look or colours of the buildings, they looked strangely foreign.

The alley soon opened into a street, but to her dread it was tightly packed with a moving crowd. There stood striped market stalls, stocked high with foods and crafts some she'd never seen before.

'Dragonhearts for 2 Gold!' a man shouted, he had darker skin than her, tanned from the sun. She'd never seen a man like it before. She looked around and saw women clothes in scarcely thin clothes, the thin fabrics were almost translucent and hid nothing.

Something immediately hit her on the side, spinning and crashing her to the ground.

'Sorry!' a woman shouted, she ran through the crowd pushing and shoving people from her path. She wore pink, torn and dirty from the dry dirt on the paths.

She stood up and immediately followed the running girl through the crowd, something inside her forced her to go. 'Who is that?' she asked herself.

She followed the girl passed the crowd, down the great long street.

It was a long street seemingly going slightly down hill, for in the distance there lay the sea. a great light blue water as vastly vivid in colour as her hair.

The girl slid into a small street, and she quickly followed suit.

She ran around the corner and suddenly froze 'Your following me' a voice called, she spun around and saw the girl standing before her

'You pushed me over' she replied

'Please go away, i'm busy' she looked her up and down sounding annoyed

'Why not?'

'Because you have blue hair and nobody else does? you might as well scream that i'm here' she said bluntly.

'But... i don't know anyone, I don't even know where i am!' Her voice stuttered almost in tears.

'Uh. This is Feandor Markets, the biggest Markets in the world?'

'I' not from here' she felt nervous.

'Where are you from then?'

'I...uh don't know'

'You sound Arramarian, you not from there?'

'Whats... Arramarian?'

'It's the land far east of here, beautiful place it is. I need to get there' the girl sat abruptly down against a wall 'Do you not remember anything? Like... nothing?'

she shook her head

'Whats your name?' but this time she stayed quiet, she felt a shame in forgetting her own name.

'That is pretty bad, I'm Lania by the way. Do you not have anywhere to go?' she asked.

'No, i woke up in the alley next to where you knocked me over.'

'Actually blue-girl, i've changed my mind. You're coming with me. You have blue hair which means magic, so you might be useful. We are heading to Lorewald'

Again she did not respond, none of it made sense. Lorewald, Arramar or Feandor. She was still confused.

'I'll call you Bluebell... no, thats a stupid name. um.. Bella? Ella?' she blurted out countless others which to her sounded like complete nonsense, but inside her a light sparked 'Ellia...' she whispered to herself. It felt familiar, a warmth came with the breath of it.

'I like Ellia, Ellia will be good' she gave a weak smile but soon broke it off.

'Good. Right... I need to get back to Arramar. preferably as soon as possible, i have a friend over there who needs my help. I have enough gold for a ship passage but i doubt there will be much spare space at this time of year' Lania got to her feet, her clothes were still a wreck with dry dirt.

'Where do we go from here?' Ellia asked.

Lania set off down the street 'To the Shipyard, Arramar awaits us Blue Ellia'.

With hesitation Ellia followed her.

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