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"What are you doing daddy," I giggle with my mom who's sitting next to me on the picnic blanket. My father is hanging upside down on the branch as my big brother climbs higher in the tree.

I can't help but notice that my mothers forest green eyes shine as she laughs. Her long straight brown hair bouncing as well. I inherited my mothers eyes but my dads curly blonde hair. It's a golden blonde, my favorite hair color. My brother is the opposite with my fathers ocean blue eyes and my mothers hair.

I run up to my father and he grabs me and pulls me up into the tree with him. My brother jumps out of the tree and starts splashing around in the water. I watch as he brings my mother pretty rocks and shells he finds. I swing my feet as I smile and enjoy our day out.

Then a growl sounds and a dirty rugged wolf steps from the bushes. It charges straight at my brother but my dad jumps down and hits the wolf away. He and the wolf go rolling to the side each trying to get the upper hand in the fight. My mother jumps up as three more wolves step out of the bushes.

"RUN KATHRYN RUN," my mother shouts. I see my brother is long gone, he must have run as the wolf came at him. I want to follow my mothers command but I'm frozen in fear as I watch the on-goings, while hidden in the willows leaves.

I watch as the three wolves close in on mother and she fights her best but they pin her to the ground. One wolf stands above her and gives a wolfish grin before slashing into my mothers throat with his dagger claws. I hear my father give a cry trying to get to his wife as the four wolves all go to him and he gets ripped to shreds.

Not even a fast death as all four wolves claw and bite and rip at his flesh, his shouts forever etched in my mind. When finally satisfied the wolves backed up. What I saw scared me half to death, as the wolf backed up it turned into a man. The other three wolves followed suit.

"Damn human," he says kicking my mothers body before turning back into a wolf and howling long and loud as he ran off into the woods, disappearing as fast as they arrived.

When I was finally able to move I jumped to the ground and ran. I ran as fast and as far as I could before exhaustion got the best of me and I collapsed. I fell to my knees and looked at the now dark sky. Then and there I swore I would get my revenge. I will kill all of those beasts if it's the last thing I do.

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