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Savannah's POV

I didn't mean to leave Colby out of the loop.

It just kind of happened.

But I can never make a life of my own if I stay with my parents.

"Mom can you come over here a second." I call from my room. I hear my mom's footsteps coming towards the room. She walks in and her eyes go wide. "Honey is there a reason why all your boxes aren't unpacked? Sweetie we have been here for almost a month now." I nodded my head as she crossed her arms. "I have worked up enough money through part time jobs for quite sometime now. I have just enough for a plane ticket... to go back to LA." My mom's eyes dropped to the floor. I could see the tears threatening to fall. "Where will you go?" She asked with a very shaky voice. "Reed is picking me up from the airport. I'm gonna be staying with him until I can get up on my feet." I replied moving my own gaze to my boxes everywhere. My mom moved closer to me and trapped me in a hug. "I'll be fine mom... I think it's about time you let me go. I'll stay in touch I promise."

After an hour of goodbyes I headed to the airport.

Waiting for my flight I took out my phone a decided to text Colby.

Savannah: Hey

Colby: Sup?

Savannah: Nothin much... just a bit bored.

Colby: Wow I see how it is... text me out of boredom.

Savannah: Oh shut up you baby.

Colby: Only for lil Savy.

Savannah: Whatevr.

Colby: Hahaha

Savannah: Oh sorry I just started texting you but I gtg.

Colby: Oh okay... it's fine.

I don't want to tell him that I'm coming to LA.

I want it to be a surprise.

I told Reed not to tell him either.

After 4 hours or so on the plane we finally landed. I grabbed my two suitcases, easy to tell they were mine because they were made to look like comic book scenes. Reed should have already seen the moving van. I walk through the airport doors to see Reed right up front. I ran over to him with suitcases trailing behind me. I gave him a quick hug, the smile on my face failing to leave. We got into his car and we drove to Reed's condo.

After a few minutes of driving and then unloading the moving van I asked Reed if I could borrow his car and drive to Colby's.

Standing in the elevator as I watch the numbers go by. The doors open and I could feel my heart racing. I walked to Sam and Colby's apartment and waited for a sec. I was about to knock on the door when it randomly swung open. Colby was standing there with his keys in hand. His jaw dropped when he seen me. I gave him a huge smile. "Hey Colby."

Colby's POV

After texting Savannah this morning I relaxed on the sofa for a bit watching TV. That's when I realized what time it was.

Time to pick up EB from school.

I put my shoes on and grabbed my car keys. I opened the door and nearly dropped my keys. Savannah was standing there. She had a huge smile on her face. "Hey Colby."

I almost lost it.


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