Chapter 43: A Ship Sailing To The Underworld

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He was still sound asleep, like how she'd last seen him. It was no use trying to wake him up, but she knew that one day he would, she felt it. Eglanor laid before her, his head resting nicely on the pillow nearest to him. She was happy but sad at the same time, her own emotions conflicting each other. Happy to leave and continue on with her duty, but then again sad to not have Eglanor by her side. She didn't know what was right to do, to bring him along and just keep him on the ship, or to leave him here. In her heart she knew what the right answer was, but her own self will wanted to take him with her. Meathil brushed his golden locks out of his eyes before covering up his body a bit more with the fuzzy blanket in front of her. He looked peaceful, that was at least something she could tell. There were still the scars were the marks of darkness had tortured him from the inside, and the shiny marks of where the light magic had covered it up. His body was a canvas of magic, and she knew that when he awoke he wouldn't remember what happened. But, he would see those marks and think to himself...I look so damn cool! She smiled at the thought of his voice and his laughter, it made her yearn to hear it even more.

"So the rumors I heard were true," someone admitted. She turned her head to see Bellinil standing in the doorway, her caramel blonde hair and sky blue eyes looking just as perfect as they were in the party last night. "I heard that something had happened to him, but I wanted to make sure that it was true. Are you okay Meathil? I didn't notice a couple of important things while we were on the ship, but I did notice the way you two looked at each other, it made me want to have someone to look at too. She glanced at the sailor who entered the room with one swift movement, and walked over to the bed she draped over.

"I am doing okay, I just...I wish he would have gotten to see more of the adventure. He always wanted to see the world, and to travel, and to see the excitement that the real captains saw every day. The wedding, the fighting, the whole kingdom being reborn was something that I know he will regret missing." She sighed before placing her hands over his, they were warm which held a sign of good health. Her heart felt like it was being thrown down an endless pit, not being able to come back up into the light. Why did it have to be him? She asked herself the same stupid question every single day, and always knew the answer. Because he was who he was, because he had ties to her, because she was sent to Ostywn, because she had accepted Bengil's death game mindlessly. It was her fault for him getting like this, and she didn't want him to end up getting any worse.

"If he loved the adventures, then why not tell him them after he wakes up? Or better yet, why not tell him now?" Bellinil took her hand without warning and a large golden light sprung from the sailors arm to her own, light magic? It spread all throughout her body until it reached Eglanor's hand, and wrapped it self around his arm. "Tell him I say hi okay?" That was the last thing she heard before her vision went blurry and she couldn't see. It was dark, dark as night, she couldn't open her eyes or see anything. What was happening? She didn't feel the warmth of her hand in his anymore, it was just air. She felt like she was floating in the clouds, the soft wind whisking around her body as she fell. She was falling, just like her heart, when would she land? Where would she land? She couldn't breath, her heart thumped so hard she felt it throughout her entire body, harder and harder. Then it all stopped. There was no wind, no darkness, no pain, no sorrow, and her heart was calm. It was as if she'd been relieved of all her worries, and all the pain she held so dear and close, the pain that drove her actions.

Her eyes opened, and what was in front of her made her cry. There was a filter of gold all around, the trees were the color, so was the bench that he was sitting on. Only he was himself, his hair flowed perfectly, and his hands turned the pages of his ok like they used to. His skin was soft and so flawless, and his green eyes...his eyes were looking at her. Eglanor smiled and his eyes watered, even though her own were already drenched in tears. She looked at him, and he was awake, letting on the bench that they sat on as children. And in his hair, was the rose that he gave to her. She felt the ground and pushed herself up, the weight of her body lighter and lighter by the second. It was as if she was in a dream...his dream. He stood, letting the book fall into the clouded ground bellow them, it made no noise. Metallic gold birds flew in the sky, the butterflies made of magic, and the mazes bushes seeming to glow even brighter. Each step made her closer to him, to him and his rose. The waterfall behind the bench was flowing grandly, it was just as she remembered when they had first met. His green eyes were still fixated on her, as her own couldn't pry from him. Her body felt tingly, and light, she didn't know how to react, what to say as he reached out his hand for hers. The moment she felt him, felt her hand in his, she knew it was Eglanor.

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