Ch 2 - Confessions

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   It was now November and it had been 3 months. 3 months since the crash, the hospital, the dream, and... Lou--
Harry was pulled out of his thoughts yet again. He looked up at his best mate Haydn with an annoyed expression.
"What?" he drawled as he crouched down to pick up the pencils he dropped off his desk.
Haydn watched Harry carefully as he continued picking up the last of the pencils.
"Harry..." he hesitates, "'ve been out of it ever since you got out of the hospital. Are you sure you're alri--"
"HAYDN!!" That time it was Harry's turn to snap. He didn't mean to get all snappy, especially at Haydn. But how did he expect him to act anyway after coming back from a concussion? Yeah it was 3 months ago and he could be overacting but--
"Um, Harry... " Haydn put a hand on Harry's shoulder, "You zoned out again..."
Harry sighed and looked into Haydn's eyes, "Yeah I-I know. And I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you."
Haydn smiled reassuringly, "It's ok Harry, I understan--"
"--No like..." Harry started while rubbing the sides of his head, "You really don't understand or even know half of everything that happened."
Haydn looked confused but more so worried, "Harry, just tell me then. Tell me what you're thinking. I mean, aren't I your best mate for a reason?"
Harry looked down at his neglected  homework on his desk while fidgeting with his fingers, "I know, I know. You do deserve to... know."
Harry continued looking at his math homework absentmindedly. The numbers on the page started to merge together and look like a foreign language. All the sudden his paper gets snatched off his desk. He looks up at Haydn holding it and putting it to the side.
"Harry, we're done doing homework for now. Talk to me."
Harry had no choice now. He had his friend's undivided attention and if anyone knew Haydn, they knew he could read people very well and get the answers he wanted out of them. Harry turned his body facing Haydn, "Alright, ever since the hospital, I'll admit I've been a bit quieter and more in my head."
Haydn chuckled, "Stating the obvious are we? No kidding Harry!"
Harry was a little mad at himself for not being able to tell Haydn something so... dumb. Well, not dumb but this shouldn't be a big deal. They're best friends.
"I've been thinking of... someone. Well I can't stop thinking about them... And I think I-I might love--" Harry hesitated.
Haydn pulled his chair in closer to Harry, "Harry... are you trying to tell me that... you're in love... with me?"
Harry was completely taken aback. Like completely.
"W-What?!" Harry rolled his chair back alittle from Haydn feeling uncomfortable.
"Harry it's ok, yes I'm bisexual and we're kinda flirty sometimes but... you're very much in the friend zone"
Haydn laughed as Harry got up to shove his shoulder playfully, "No you freakin weirdo, not you. Like, not you in a million years. Not even if I was single at age 95, I wouldn't--"
"Woah Harry" Haydn continued to laugh, "You're harsh man! Didn't know you hated me that much"
Harry rolled his eyes. Yes as he mentioned, Haydn was a good listener and he could get answers out of people but sometimes he flattered himself a bit too much.
Harry was tired of the head games. He wasn't even planning on telling Haydn anything but here he was.
"Ok so when I was unconscious, I had this vivid dream about being in the Vietnam war. Well, I wasn't in it, but I met a soldier named Louis there who was about 23 years old and we talked so much and he told me all about himself and his family and he was so nice and sweet and cute and I swear he kissed me and--"
"WHAT!!" Now that part sparked Haydn's attention.
Harry was sorta out of breath from taking so fast. The words were just falling out of his mouth without a filter.
"Um, well it was on the cheek I think. But anyway I woke up in the hospital and told my mom all about it and she believed me. Then, here's where it gets freaky Haydn..."
"I'm already freaked out Harry. You're falling for a fictional Vietnam soldier"
Harry rolled his eyes so far back, "No listen. That's the thing. I don't think he is fictional. When my family left the hospital that night, the doctor gave me a letter in an envelope and he said it was from someone who saw me fall off my bike into the embankment. It was so detailed and heartfelt and... and--"
"Harry what does this have to do with anything" Haydn asked impatiently as he got up from his chair to get a snickers from his backpack.
Harry stared at Haydn, "Well if you let me finish..." Haydn plopped down on Harry's bed unwrapping the snickers.
"The letter was written by... Louis" Harry said almost as if he just said the most simplest thing in the world.
Haydn looked more focused on his candy bar than what Harry was saying.
"HAYDN!!!" Harry shouted.
Haydn shot his head up to Harry, "Ok Louis wrote the letter, so what?"
Harry also forgot to mention that Haydn could be pretty clueless sometimes.
"What do you mean so what" Harry asked annoyed, "Louis was the soldier in my dream and then I all the sudden get this note from Louis. I mean how many Louis' are there?"
"Well there's Lou--"
"NO, don't answer that" Harry stopped him. "I don't even know any Louis' personally."
"Me neither..." Haydn said as he threw his candy wrapper in the trash next to Harry's bed, "...except for the Louis I was going to mention who is in our creative writing class."
Harry thought for a second and then remembered, "Ohhh yeah, Louis Bently. That nerd."
Haydn sat up from Harry's bed, "Pfft please. You mean cute nerd."
Harry raised his eyebrows and put his hands on his hips, "You like him?"
Haydn sat up more while adjusting his hair, "Uh no, I can admire someone's aesthetic without wanting to get to 3rd base thank you very much."
Harry raised an eyebrow and nodded, "Mhm, sure"
"You're annoying. Also weren't we talking about your Louis and not my Lou- um uh I mean... the other Louis"
Harry went over to his back pack that he left laying on his desk and put all his homework and books back in it. He smiled and decided to ignore Haydn's little slip up.
"My Louis?" Harry questioned curiosity while looking back at Haydn sitting on his bed.
Haydn rolled his eyes but was relieved that Harry didn't acknowledge his slip up. "Yeah I mean you seem like you have a crush on this Louis guy even if it does sound stupid."
Harry usually would get mad at Haydn for saying something was stupid but what did he expect. He basically told his friend that he was in love with someone he never met in real life, only in a dream. Atleast Haydn didn't completely ignore him so that was something to be thankful for...
"Whatchu thinking about Harry?" Haydn chirped up while analyzing Harry's face for an answer.
Harry was about to speak until his bedroom door opened.
"Hey boys, hope you're getting some homework done, it's almost 5:00"
Harry signed, "Mum, I'm 22 years old, why do I need a curfew?"
Anne laughed, "Well I could ask you something. Why are you 22 years old and still relying on your mum to make you dinners?"
"Oh she got you there" Haydn smiled
"Shut up Haydn" Harry snarled, "Well, mum atleast I'm in college pursuing something like business so I'm not that lazy. I just didn't want to live in a dorm with strange people."
Anne smiled, "Harry, you're strange and so is this kid" she notions toward Haydn, "No offense Haydn"
"None taken Anne" Haydn smiles cheekily. Harry could throw up at how much Haydn and his own mum got along and joked around.
"Well..." Anne started, "Dinner will be ready any minute. Haydn if you wanna stay for dinner then--"
"Oh no I'm fine Anne" Haydn waved her off reassuringly, "...thank you so much though. I gotta go home and finish some homework I procrastinated on."
Harry was somewhat relieved. Yeah he loved Haydn but they seemed to be in his room for hours and he needed some time to process everything he said tonight... and to finish his homework he procrastinated on as well.
"Suit yourself" Anne smiled at Haydn. She looked toward her son, "and maybe Harry it won't be a bad idea for you to finish up your homework as well."
Harry starred at her blankly with his arms crossed, "How do you know I didn't finish it?"
She smiled, "I'm your mom, I know you." And with that, she spun on her heal out the door down the hall to the kitchen.
Harry sighed and turned to Haydn as he was packing up his own bag ready to leave, "So um since you're on your way out, can I show you the letter tomorrow? Do you have classes?"
Haydn threw his bag over his shoulder and stood up, "No I don't have any classes on Tuesdays. So I'll be free most of the day tomorrow if you wanna show me that letter."
"Great! I actually have one Economics class early in the freakin morning tomorrow. 10:00!!! so I have to drive all the way up for that.
Haydn shook his head amused, "Yeah Harry, cuz 10:00 is SOOO early. You know some of us have to get up at 7:00 am for an 8:00 class."
He had a point, but still. 2pm was more of his preferred time to rise and shine.
Haydn patted his back, "I gotta go, text me when you're out of class so we can meet up."
"Sure, I should be out by noon. Wanna meet at the bakery? I work at the--"
"Yes Harry, we all know you work at the damn bakery. You bring it up in every conversation." Haydn shoved his shoulder laughing.
"HARRY DINNER!!!" Anne yelled from the kitchen.
"And that's my cue to go. See ya mate!" Haydn said as he walked down the hall out the side door. As Harry walked to the kitchen, he let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding. Maybe he was tired and actually really not that hungry.
"Ok so, I got bread rolls over in this bowl, spaghetti over here, can't forget the salad, and also some fruit. Variety is key." Anne said proudly as she laid everything out on the counter. The aroma filled his nostrils. Maybe he could use some food.
    Harry and Anne ate quietly for the most part during dinner occasionally laughing about something stupid that happened in her day.
"So have you found Louis yet?"
If Harry said he didn't just choke on his food, he'd be lying.
"Oh Harry are you ok??" Anne questioned worryingly as Harry choked on his bread.
"Mum I'm fine" he said between coughs, "just need a drink is all."
Harry excused himself to go get more water from the fridge. As he was refilling his glass with water and a few ice cubes, it was hard not to stare off into space and hear that question run over and over in his head. No he hasn't found Louis, what a stupid question. Where would he even find him and--
"Harry, dear, pay attention! Your glass over flowed and it's all over the floor!" Anne said frustrated as she sped to get a small towel.
"It's just water and mum I got it." Harry grabbed the towel from Anne and crouched to wipe up the water that flooded the area in front of the fridge. Harry hoped his mum forgot about the question.
"So as I was asking before, have you run into Louis at all?"
And there it was. She didn't forget. Harry sighed as he stood up and put the towel back on the rack, "No mum, I haven't seen Louis or run into him or even heard of him from anyone. How am I supposed to find him when I've only seen him in a dream and read his note? He only said he lived in Cheshire which isn't specific."
Anne went back to clear the table of dishes and sighed, "Well ok fair enough but aren't you determined to find him or meet him? You sounded so starstruck when describing him in the hospital. Well that could have been the drugs you were on or--"
"Mom." Harry said, "I was on a lot of pain killers but it was genuine when I said all those things about Louis. But regardless, I don't wanna look like a stalker ya know?" What if he's forgotten about me, it's been 3 months." Harry sat down at the counter in gloom. Anne noticed the sudden pained expression on Harry's face and quickly put the dishes down to comfort him. "Oh Harry, sweet cheeks, you really think a guy who wrote a detailed letter for you about your accident would just forget about you? I doubt it."
"Well maybe not but--"
"Harry!" Anne sat down across from Harry, "When you showed me that letter a couple months ago, you know what stood out to me the most?"
Harry looked anywhere else but Anne, "What?"
Anne smiled, "The end of it, the last part of the letter. Remember it? It was something like I'll see you around once you get back on your feet!"
Harry remembers. He actually read the letter religiously each night before bed and then he'd fold it back up and put it back in his desk.
Harry nods and sighs, "Yup I know every word of that letter forwards and backwards. But I don't get it. He said I'll see you around but he hasn't seen me or vice versa. It was such a false promise."
Anne put her hands on top of Harrys on the counter, "Harry there was no promise, he said maybe I'll see you around. And that's not even the issue. You just haven't seen him cuz you're always inside."
Harry finally looked at her, "Yeah that's because I'm recovering. I would usually be working at the bakery but I had to take time off because it was doc's orders." Harry took his hands out from under his mum's and folded his arms. Anne got up from her chair and continued putting dishes away, "Well it's been a few months. Maybe fresh air would do you some good ya know? Go out and walk around your beautiful town, it's Fall so it's nice weather."
"You might actually bump into Louis." Anne smiled teasingly. Ok she was right, like usual which he hated. Maybe when he finished class tomorrow, he could walk around town with Haydn after hitting the bakery. They would have all afternoon. Harry smiled, "You know what, fine. Tomorrow after class, me and Haydn will walk around and get something at the bakery." Anne's face lit up as if she heard she won a free trip to Tahiti, "Sounds like a plan, and oh when you're at the bakery tomorrow, make sure to say hi to Lynn. I'm sure she misses having you work there." Harry froze, how could he forget about Little Lynn, aka Momma Lynn, basically his second mum. He's had Louis consuming his thoughts so much that he forgot the close ones in his life who he actually knew. He felt a little selfish but he would make up for lost time tomorrow. Harry took his phone out of his pocket and began texting Haydn, "True, I'll text Haydn and tell him all the plans." The kitchen was tidy and back to normal and Anne started for the stairs, "Well have fun tomorrow. Gunna get cleaned up." Harry thought he might as well do the same. It's been a long day, "Ok, I got some more homework to do and then I'll probably go to bed, goodnight mum." Anne smiled and blew a kiss, "See you tomorrow honey, sweet dreams." She walked up the stairs and into her room and shut the door. Harry walked down the hall to his room and shut the door as well. He leaned against his door and closed his eyes to release and exhale. He was glad and somewhat relieved he had that convo about Louis with his mum. Now maybe he could stop thinking about it and just focus on his homework that was due tomorrow. But that wasn't a promise, he said maybe... just like Louis. Harry was fucked.

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