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In the depts of high school life; between ya cool girls, ya school girls. Your Gleek girls, ya freak girls. Your rough girls, ya tough girls there lies the most important of all; Kamiyah, the alpha. 4'11' little hotstuff. She has the dark brown hair that emphasizes her flawless olive skin. Confident, fashionable, and funny traits, definitly is the reason why she runs team mindless. 

Moving on. The sassy latina glamor-godess aka Nicole, the betta, always seems to use her sarcasim in many situations. Her golden/ blondeish hair and brown skin tone, makes her irristable to flirt with guys. 

Tiara, the sweet pea of the group is your typical black girl; curvy, beautiful, and an ambitous sweetheart. She has a BIG appetite, but yet she keeps a well-kept frame. But under her dark brown skin, she's hidding somthing...mayb later on in the story you'll figure it out...

Last but certainly not least, Raven the athletic-outdoorsy type is the delta of team mindless and stays down to earth. If you ever really saw her, you could tell by her light skin, hair, and green eyes that she's a genuine person.

Now don't get me wrong, this ain't no mean girl story where they go around acting like little 15/16 year old bitches; its Mindless Mania. Keep reading to really see where I'm trying to  take you...

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