Chapter 15

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Hey guys, are you guys ready for some deep stuff? Lol hope you enjoy this chapter!!

Erin's POV

We stayed laying in bed quietly for awhile. Jaxon had his left arm tucked under my neck, while the other draped around my hips. I slowly traced my nails up and down his forearm, playing with his arm hair. He had a little mole close to his elbow, and for some reason it fascinated me. The more I paid attention to him, to his features, the more beautiful he seemed to get. Jaxon was truly handsome.

I could feel how pensive he was behind me, but I wouldn't push. I still had him blocked out from the other night, but I could feel his thoughts all over the place. They weren't clear of course, more like a fuzzy feeling really. If there was something Jaxon wanted to talk about, I would wait rather than intrude in on his thoughts. 

A few moments after, he pulls me in closer to him. His perfectly toned chest, pressing against my bareback. I felt his breathing become steady, and I automatically assumed he was falling asleep.

"My mom," he said softy. "She died when I was eighteen."

Stirring in his arm, I turned to face him. "Jax's," I shook my head, "you don't have too."

He shushed me pulling me in closer, and started to speak again. "This isn't my first time coming to your father for shelter you know. My mother was sick. She had been for a long time now, and every day she got worse and worse. As if living in the fringe wasn't bad enough already."

I stayed quiet, letting him continue. "A close friend of my fathers told him that he had heard of some powerful lord up north. A vampire that went out of his way to help humans, humans that were in need of it. Of course my father was skeptical about it. I mean, what kind of vampire would help a human? Either way my mother said she had nothing to lose, so of course we packed up what little we had, and made our way to your father's kingdom." He scoffed, "but everything comes with a price though.. What your father offered my family, or should I say mother was something we weren't expecting. He told her that he could help her, but she wasn't going to like it. He assured us that there was no medicine out in the world that could help my mother out, so he offered to turn her." I stared up Jaxon completely shocked. My father had offered to turn his mom?

"Buuuut, if she agreed to it, she would be in debt to him. She would have to live with in his walls. I mean anything was better then living in the fringe, so it really didn't matter. Then came the hard stuff. I had a little sister, and she was about six when we came to see your father. My parents didn't want her traveling with us, so of course we left her back where we called 'home', with a family looking after her."

Oh no, I didn't like where this was going. I knew the rules and conditions my father had to living within his walls. Jaxon stayed quiet for a few seconds. I nuzzled into his chest, "Please don't stop." I didn't want him to keep anything bottled up, i wanted him to get everything off his chest.

"I'm sure you know where this is heading right.." I didn't respond, letting out a low sigh he continued. "Abigail wasn't allowed to live within your father's walls, he didn't allow children into his city."

It was true. My dad didn't like having kids in the city, for very good reasons. A child's blood was to dangerous to have around. Their blood was too sweet and pure, too intoxicating for any vampire to pass up.

"Instantly my mother turned down your father's offer. My dad tried convincing her to stay. That we would leave back with Abigail, return when she was old enough to come into the city, but mom wasn't having it. She refused to leave her family behind. So we left.. Your dad made it perfectly clear that if my mother were to change her mind, his offered still stood, but she had no care for it anymore." His breath hitched. "W-when we got back.." I looked up at him, and could see his eyes begin to water.

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