Chapter 6

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Ayesha's POV

I get out of the car and start walking towards my house, which is 2 blocks away from here. I feel warm liquid sliding down my cheek. I knock on the door and it opens, revealing Mom.

How could he talk like that to me?! He should respect me because I have education!

"Assalamu Alaikum, Ayesha. Why are you crying? Are you okay?" My mother asks, worriedly.

I step inside and make my way towards my bedroom, ignoring the stares and questions, I'm getting from my family.

I close the door, pull off my hijab angrily and jump on my bed, digging my face into the pillow and crying my heart out.

What does everyone think I am? They keep saying stuff to me and hurting me. It's all because of that idiot Ahmed. I know I'm not wrong, he is! My father has such impolite friends.

If they keep taking his side, I'll not be friends with them anymore. Instead of supporting me through this hard time, they're making it worse! That's not what real friends do!

I think I should talk to Hussain about it. He might be able to give me some advice, in how to handle this problem

I get up from my bed and walk towards the bathroom to wash my face. I look at the mirror, and see my reflection, my eyes are puffy from all that crying, I splash cold water on my face to cool down and leave the bathroom. I pick up the hijab from the bed and loosely wrap it around my head and walk downstairs.

"Hussain! Hussain!! Where are you?" I call him.

"He's in his room. Ayesha, what's wrong? Wh-" Before mom could complete her sentence I walk towards Hussain's room and knock on his door.

Knock knock

"Kon hai?" I hear him ask.

"It's me, Ayesha," I say, and he opens the door.

"How did the Princess come to MY room? It's a miracle!" He teases, a smirk on his face, I punch him in his chest playfully and walk inside the room. I make myself comfortable on his bed.

His room has blue and red walls, a king size bed and a cupboard. His bathroom has a bathtub, shower compartment and sink and everything you need like mine.

He likes the combination of red and blue but I don't understand how that is "nice".

He grabs a chair and sits on it. "Kya hua? Why are your eyes red? Were you crying?" He asks. I look at him, there is concern in his eyes.

"Hussain..." I say, trying to hold back my tears and tell him everything.

After hearing everything he says, "Ayesha... Don't get me wrong. But I honestly think what you're doing is not right,"

"Hussain! You're also-" Hussain interrupts," Hear me out first, think of it with a cool mind. Forget all the grudge you have against him. You need to learn to accept your mistakes. You need to learn to stop being arrogant. I'm not saying this as a friend, I'm saying this as a brother. Your way of thinking is that uneducated people are manner less but what you're doing is not well-mannered either." He pauses and sighs, "I know. Ahmed is not educated, but that was because his parents didn't have enough money; however, his parents did teach him manners. That is the reason he didn't come back on you angrily or rudely, but he said that all calmly. Ayesha, there's a limit, and you crossed that limit today, which made Ahmed angry. And he had the right to be angry. You need to change your thinking about uneducated people, because not everyone is the same, you should talk to him and get to know him better, if you still don't think he's good and worth your time, then don't talk to him at all. Don't talk about him with your friends either."

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