Khal Drogo imagine

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There was a small gathering in a tent, once your khalasar has made camp. There were fires and drums, your people were also dancing around the fires and there was laughter as drinks were drank.

You saw your husband, and your hands rubbed your belly. It’s growing, you thought. Khal Drogo is laughing whilst his men were happily gripping the women dancing atop of them. The faces of the women were all painted, and smiles were plastered around every body. You surprise Drogo from behind, wrapping your arms around his large back. He turned around with a grin as he saw it was you. He tucked your red hair behind your ear, kissed you full on the lips.

“You are enjoying this?”

You nodded, and Drogo lifted you up to sit you on his lap. He gripped your hips, and clashed his lips on yours again in front of everybody. The women by your sides were cheering and the men raised their drinks to you. Your hands went up and down Drogo’s chest and you parted for lips and you smiled at him. The drums were still playing and so you danced.

You saw the women were dancing on the laps of their men, and you copied them as you danced atop of Drogo’s, but you teased him when you moved to his warrior on his side. The man cheered as two women danced on his lap, and his lady wrapped her hand around your waist and you moved to the next warrior, teasing him again. His eyes were set dangerously on you, and when you wrapped your hands around him, he gripped your arms tight.

“You shouldn't have done that,” Drogo whispered as he held you tight around his arms.

You kissed him and you bit his ear softly, “What are you going to do about it?”

“You don’t get to tease me like that,” he whispered again. You sat on his lap, wrapping your hands around him. You positioned yourself on him, slowly rolling your hips as his breath hitches.

Drogo kissed you all the way from the gathering to the bed of your tent. He flung your top aside, ripping it slightly as he aggressively grabbed it. His fingers grazed through your skin, burning with every touch. You felt him on his breeches, and he grunted when you touched him.

You moaned loudly, as he inserted himself not getting used to him. He thrusted into you, as he fondled with your breasts.

“Dancing around other men?” He whispered as you whimpered from his thrust. You raked your nails on his skin, leaving red marks. He paced himself roughly, fast and hard. “You don’t get to do that to me.”

His pace got sloppier as both of you reaches your close, “You are only mine.”

You felt sore again, and your hands immediately went to your belly. You smiled when you saw Drogo beside you snoring, with his arm limply around you. You rested your chin on his chest, and you tickled his neck to wake him up. His eyes fluttered open, and he wrapped his arm around you again.

“Khaleesi,” he murmured as he softly smiled at you, placing a kiss on your brow. His finger rubbed circles near your green eyes, and he tucked your hair behind your ear.

You nestled on his neck, “You remember when we shared our first night, months ago?”

He laughed, “You screamed.”

You punched him softly on the chest, and you closed your eyes. You're placed his hand around your belly, “They said I am carrying a son.”

He stayed silent for a few minutes, and he stood up. He paced the tent, and you felt like you were going to cry. He hasn’t said anything, and so you broke the silence. “Are you mad, Drogo?”

He turned to you, and he crouched down to give you a kiss on your lips. “Why will I be mad?” You chuckled soflty as he wiped your tears away from your eyes. “I am happy, so happy.” His hand reached down to your belly, and he kissed it softly. He rested his eyes on yours, and he placed light kisses on your face. He grinned as you blushed, “My love, I can’t wait for our son.”

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