Take My Hand Chapter 22

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  • Dedicated to Jenny Oglesby

Chapter 22

            The warriors had stood watching the smoking embers until the wind had come and gently swept the ashes away. The next day, each had remained in the mansion, sleeping in the rooms in which they had always slept. The warriors hadn’t spoken as the sun had risen on the destruction. Instead, each had drifted to their respective rooms, crawling into bed with their mates, sleeping through to the next night as though nothing had changed. They all knew that much had changed however, but the change hadn’t quite taken root yet. They had never known anything except that mansion. It had meant pain of course, but it had also meant safety in some obscene capacity. They had always known they would have a place to stay during the day, and they had always known they had some distorted type of protection. Dania was deathly jealous and possessive of them, and people knowing that they belonged to her had always meant that they wouldn’t be threatened, at least not by anyone with any mental capacity for self preservation at all. The sudden change left them unsure of how to cope.

            As the dusk approached, the warriors began to stir. Kaleo was the first to awaken, staring blankly at the ceiling as he allowed his thoughts to run rampant with ideas of what the future held for himself, his mate, and his fellow warriors. Dania had often plotted them against each other, but Kaleo had found a kindred spirit in them that permanently tied them together. Kaleo worried for them as he would his family. He wondered what each couple would wish to do with their lives.

            “Kaleo?” Karayan whispered.

            “Yes, darling?” Kaleo returned, her voice striking him from his reverie.

            “What has these wrinkles forming between your brows?” she pouted, smoothing the furrows away with her fingertips.

            “I want to keep everyone together, Karayan. I want to form our own allegiance,” Kaleo told her, excitement tingeing his eyes as he spoke, his resolve solidifying as his thoughts took root.

            “Kaleo, what are you going on about?”

            “Love, just think! There is safety in numbers, we have always known that. If we stay together, we can create our own way of life, our own league of warriors instead of everyone striking out on their own. It doesn’t have to be like before.”

            “And who would be our leader? There would have to be some order, you know that.”

            “I haven’t gotten that far yet,” Kaleo admitted, his brows furrowing again. “Carson!” he exclaimed after a moment. “You know as well as I that the vampire is brilliant. He is a strong leader but a compassionate one.”

            “Well, I suggest you talk to the others,” Karayan admitted, a smile forming at the optimism her once fiercely distrusting mate had adopted.

            Kaleo jumped from the bed immediately, rushing toward the door without a thought.

            “Kaleo?” Karayan called lazily.

            “Yes, love?”

            “It might improve your chances of having them take you seriously if you dressed before running out of our room.”

            Kaleo looked down at his body, noting he was only covered by his black boxers.

            “And this is why I need you every day of my life,” Kaleo smirked as he returned to the side of the bed and kissed Karayan’s forehead. “Well, that and you’re hot,” he added, winking before slapping her behind through the sheet as she lay on her stomach.

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