Chapter 17: Dragons and Kisses

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Its been a few days since it happened, since his name flew out of the cup, since Ron decided to become a bloody prick, and a few days since I think Harry's got any proper sleep.

His scar's hurting again, so Hermione told him to write to Sirius. Maybe Sirius can help Harry. Though I don't know how.

"Maybe you're imagining things, wouldn't be the first time." I hear Harry scolding someone as I step through the entrance to the common room.

"You're probably just practicing for your next interview I expect." Ron glares at Harry as I stop in my tracks, clutching my books to my chest, hoping very much not to get caught in this very tense conversation.

And seriously Ron, don't you know Harry at all? The bloody git won't even study and you expect him to practice for an interview? Yeah right. The only thing he associates practicing with is Quidditch.

Ron huffs and leaves the room for the boy's dormitories. As he does so, Harry quickly turns to examine the fireplace.

"What are you doing?" I ask peering over his shoulder.

Harry jumps and hits his head on the inside of the pit.

"Ow!" He yells out clutching his head.

I cringe as he holds his head in pain, "Sorry, Harry."

Harry sits down on one of the arms chairs and proceeds to scold me, "Ruby, you don't just sneak up on people and scare the living daylights out them like that! Especially when their head is just under a very hard, brick fireplace!"

"I'm so sorry Harry, really! But seriously, what was that all about?" I ask him changing the subject.

My brother sighs then lifts his head to look at me, "I honestly don't know, Ron's being a git."

"Well, at least that's not a first." Harry cracks a small smile and shakes his head.


"Stop that!" George places a hand on my thigh to keep it from shaking.

"Sorry," I tell him, feeling a light blush come to my cheeks.

"He'll be fine." He tells me with a small smile.

I just raise my eyebrows at him.

George sighs, "Hey, if your brother can defeat... You know who... then he can take on a bloody dragon."

I mean, I suppose he's right, but my brother didn't try to defeat Voldemort, it just kind of happened...

"I guess," I say and stand up as the cannon fires, signaling the start of the task.

Harry enters the rocky arena and the crowd is cheering his name.

Come on Harry, just find the golden egg and don't die in the process...

Finally, he spots the golden egg sitting alone and he makes a run for it.

Then suddenly, the dragon appears, resulting in Harry falling behind a rock as the dragon spews hot flames at him.

"Harry!" I find myself yelling his name.

Harry stumbles and falls around the arena some more, barely dodging the deathly blows of fire.

"Your wand Harry! Your wand!" Hermione screams from the other side of me.

Harry points his wand up at the sky and yells something, and suddenly his broom was zipping through the air towards him. He mounts the broom and then takes off, with the dragon in tow.

Oh no...

The dragon breaks through its chains and suddenly is coming straight toward the crowd.

I'm too stunned to move, that George has to pull me down.

"Goodness woman, you nearly gave me a bloody heart attack." He scolds me.

The arena is deadly silent.

"Where did they go?" I ask ignoring George's statement.

"Really Ruby? I know you're worried about your brother and all, but can you at least pay attention so you don't die too!" George suddenly uses a more serious tone.

I turn around to look him in his warm brown eyes. "I'm sorry," I whisper and grab his hand.

He cracks a smile and gives it a gentle squeeze, resulting in me smiling back.

His eyes dart up and his eyes go wide.

"What are you..." I turn around to see Harry coming back on his broom without the dragon.

Did he kill it? Because I don't know how I would feel about that...

The crowd began cheering as Harry swooped down over us and grab the golden egg.

"Yeah Harry!" I scream with a big smile on face.

I'm honestly just glad he's alive to be honest.

My eyes widen a bit and my face turns a light shade of pink as I feel George kiss my cheek.

I turn to him and put my hand behind his neck as I bring my lips to his. He immediately responds back, putting one hand on my waist and back.

The crowd behind us "Ohhhhh!"'s and cheers for us now.

I pull away from our embrace with a shy smile on my face.

This was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be...

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