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After their most beautiful and breathtaking yet unforgettable Honeymoon, Tara and Duncan finally returned home.

They agreed and settled on staying in her apartment.

They had settled in for the night it was then that Duncan retrieved the large box that held all the journals left to him. He sat with her laying between his legs and together they read what was the life of Aidan after they both left.

They laughed at his antics and cried all the same as he described his marriage, his married life, his wife and the love they shared that grew with the years. With heartache they read as he wrote how he understood Duncans grief when he lost Tara when he too layed his soul to rest along with his beloved wife.

An angel was taken too soon brother just as yours was taken too soon as well. But I am confident we will meet again as you will see Tara.

She dashed away a tear. Snuggling close into his embrace.

Shortly after reading it he leaned over to the night stand and placed a letter before her. It was sealed with red wax and pressed with the Du Bec crest.

Shaky fingers broke the seal and pulled the letter open.

She covered her lips as not to sob out loud as her tear filled eyes blinked and read the endearing words of Aidan.

My darling Sister-in-law....
I name you so because it was the rightful title I placed on you the very day my brother decided to be a brute and fight the unmistakeable love growing for you in his heart.

She laughed as Duncan kissed her cheek.

Now all I wish for is that he find you and make this wish come true.
I am positive now more than anything that a love like what you share with my brother can transcend time.

Love one another deeply...
Cherish eachother always...

After reading many of those journals the purpose of it all made so much sense to her. As she laid beside him, she spoke to him.

"I want to continue the tradition Duncan," she whispered.

He slowly raised up on his elbow and she followed. He held her gaze in admiration and confusion.

"Why? I found you." he glided his finger down her cheek.

"I know but without them you wouldn't have. Duncan? You have your entire lineage here in these books. They hold centuries of love, loss, heartache and adventure. We can pass this all down to our children." she said.

With a broad smile he nodded. Yes they should do it.

And she was right thanks to it they would have never found eachother.

Months later......

A groan escaped his lips as he rested his forehead against the bathroom door.

The love of his life on the other side refused to come out.

"Love, please open the door now is not the time for this," he mumbled his plea softly.

"No. I don't want to," she sniffled.

He sighed thumping his head repeatedly on the door in anguish.

"Stop that!" she sobbed.

With another grown he flattened his cheek against the door trying his best to be gentle.

This was the moment the book he read about pregnancy mentioned.
The slippery slope of pregnancy hormones. It was touchy. It was common.
They were called mood swings...
That threatened to lop his head off by a fierce fire breathing beauty...HIS WIFE....

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