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chapter sixteen; flowers are the way to the heart

"Luke, wake up," Ava whispered, shaking the boy next to her gently.

She had just woken up from her slumber, and as always, she found herself in Luke's arms. She was still tired and sleepy, trying to keep her eyes open against the harsh morning sunlight that shone through the blinds in the bedroom. She continued to try and wake up Luke for a couple more minutes, but gave up after seeing that it had no affect on him whatsoever. She remained in his grip, so she couldn't move much without disturbing him, and she found herself in a situation similar to when someone has a golden retriever sleeping on their lap and they don't want to move because the dog is too peaceful to awaken and the guilt would be too crushing. She sighed and laid back down, her legs still tangled with his.

He snored quite loudly and Ava found it cute, despite how disruptive it was. He had a case of bed head, locks of hair sticking out in random places, ruffled and messy. She was shocked to see that his hair tended to curl when it was all natural and she was tempted to play with it like she had last night. Though she knew she shouldn't have, she couldn't restrain herself and she ran her fingers through his hair, managing to make it look neater. She shifted so that she could continue and she brushed his hair backwards. She realized how invading of his personal space this was since he was asleep and stopped abruptly, letting go.

"Mhm, don't stop," Luke mumbled innocently, moving his head closer towards her, blindly trying to find her hand. With his eyes still closed, he grabbed her hand and placed it into his strands of hair, letting go afterwards. "Keep going."

Ava smiled and obeyed, running her hands back through his hair, gaining a sleepy grin from Luke. She found him so adorable, it was ridiculous. She honestly had no idea how he could do it. She also couldn't understand how one minute he could look like a total sex god, and then look like a gigantic dork the next. It was insane—it drove her insane.

She had always wondered what it was like to feel sexually attracted, but she's pretty sure that it might've been something like this. Obviously, sexual attraction was a lot heavier, from what people have told her, but this sounded a lot like what they were describing. Or the beginning stages of it. Why else would she sometimes find Luke irresistible? (Again, she didn't really feel anything sexually around him, but she could assume that if she were able to feel sexual attraction, it could possibly be similar to this. Because, with that being said, if it wasn't sexual attraction, it had to be romantic attraction which Ava could 100%, definitely feel—but that couldn't be it. It couldn't be romantic attraction because that meant she had to like Luke and that was obviously impossible. Right?)

She sat in the depth of her thoughts, hands doing their own thing with Luke's hair, unintentionally tugging at it lightly. He whined softly, stirring so that the gap between their bodies almost closed.

"You're torturing me, you know that?" He said in a hushed tone, eyes still shut, making her confused. His grip tightened on her hip as he bit his lip. He didn't sound like he was in pain, so why would he say he was being tortured? Ava didn't understand.

He opened his eyes slightly, head flinching at the limited space between them before seeing who it was, pulling her even closer to him by pushing his hand against the small of her back. Ava was positioned so that she was a couple inches higher than him, his face landing right by her cheek. His eyes fluttered shut again as he rubbed his nose lightly against her cheek, and then looking up at her.

"Good morning, babe," he greeted inattentively, not realizing that it was most likely the fortieth time that he's called her that name in just the past two days alone. "What time is it?"

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