Chapter 22

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I've done so many things in my life which I've regretted

I've done so many things in my life which I've regretted. So many things. Things that made karma slap me in the face with a brick, like for example when I 'accidentally' set the science lab on fire because I just didn't want to take physics. Or when I told Matt in the third grade that he got some dangerous disease which was going to kill him in twenty four hours when he actually got the chickenpox. All those attempts backfired on me because I got a payment ten times worse.

One, I failed the physics final exam.

And two, I got the chickenpox at the age of ten.

Yes they might not be that much big of a deal as punishments but they did teach me a valuable lesson. Life has some unexpected turns or how I like to say it. Karma's a b*tch. Anyways I knew I deserved all those punishment but I have no idea what I did to deserve this! I mean what did I ever do to the universe because they sure as hell seem like they are against me. Did I make some kind of mistake without noticing? Or was it is I wasn't supposed to be born in the begging but a miracle happened and boom! Here I am. Maybe that's why I always have such bad luck. I'm not supposed to be alive and since I am, the universe is getting back on me!

Okay that might not be the case because hello! I'm awesome and who wouldn't want me to be alive? I was about to answer myself because no one else could answer it for me since I'm actually talking in my head when I was brought back to earth. I was brought back to a place I liked the least which was school. And you don't have to guess who was walking next to me in the crowded hall. Yup, Tyler.

You can already see the look of annoyance on my face as Tyler walked with his group of friends while I'm glued next to him. You might be asking why I was walking with him to my fourth period class when I could be away from him enjoying the last minute of freedom I have left. Well the answer is simple. Tyler is just too damn stubborn I tell you! When I came out of my third period class, I was about to spend the five minutes I have left for fourth class starts hanging out by Matt's locker but no! Tyler wouldn't allow that! He just had to introduce me and to his friends which I can tell you are all good looking but that's not the point! The point is everyone or should I say every girl in the hall are sending me death glares because I was walking with one of the hottest guys in school.

Hey! And it's not like I want to be here! Tyler's arm is wrapped around my waist for some unknown reason making me feel very weird, and when I do ask him about it, he sends me a teasing smirk and says he doesn't want me to run away. You see people! This can most likely be kidnap because I clearly don't want to be here.

I was brought out of my thoughts when a cute looking guys with curly hair spoke. I think his name was Ryder. Well that's what Tyler said when he introduced me to him, but I'm really not good with names so...

"Hey gem, I was thinking maybe w-OUCH!" Ryder shouted dramatically as he held his shoulder. Let me make it more clearer. The same shoulder Tyler punched which I'm pretty sure was going to make a bruise. Oh and let's not forget the icy cold glare he was sending to Ryder.

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