Tommen Baratheon - Writings on the wall [requested]

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Request : The-Girl-Before I hope you like it!  I didn't proof read it so there might be mistakes for which I'm sorry

Word Count : 1479

A/N: Part : 1/1

Changes : Tommen married to someone else, Cersei being kind 

Warning : One spoiler - death of a character , trail of one of the characters

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Inspiration (songs I listen to while writing) : BANKS- Gemini Feed

  "And the light begins to fade

When all hope begins to shatter

Know that I won't be afraid

If I risk it all

Could you break my fall? " 

It was getting worse. The vivid dreams in which you'd see and perceive the world through your twin brother's eyes were getting the better of you. The comatose, when you fell into consciousness would drain your body to the point where you would sleep for days after you returned to your normal self.

Your husband, Tommen Baratheon, was in loss for words and only kept hushing you whilst placing sweet kisses over your face to calm the cries. The ability of warging came like a curse to you more than a blessing. You knew your brother was still alive and in search for the three-eyed raven , but you couldn't help but pry he would stop. He never did.

You wished you could somehow inform him about the tragedy that struck your family, but it seemed that the mind entering process was only one sided, or at least that's what you thought. Bran would surely come once he found out about mother and Robb's passing.

"Morgana." Tommen whispered with your face pushed against his chest seeking shelter from these awful nightmares." We need to find someone who could help you. We can't keep this a secret anymore."

Tommen was taken back once he learned about your gift. Unfortunately the scenario of how he came to learn of it left him in both awe and fear. You eyes were glazed over white as your body lifelessly lay on the cold floor of your shared bedroom. That was the first time you've came face to face with being unable to control it.

You shook your head aggressively knowing well what the others would do to you once they found out." They would take me away Tommen, lock me up in a cell for the rest of my life. You know wargs aren't welcomed in King's Landing."

He tried to argue with you and let you see the true side of it but you refused. It was a way of mourning the death of your favourite sibling Robb. At least that's what you told yourself as a lame excuse to avoid help.

"Please let me help you. I'm your husband and seeing you in this state makes me sad and hurt Morgana." Tommen pleaded but your answer was the same.

"I will be fine once I grieved. I'm sure of it." You offered him a small smile which made his heart leap followed with a thin blush on his chubby cheeks.

You shared a sweet kiss; unaware of a shadow leaned against the stone wall. The doors of your chambers were slightly ajar; Cersei Lannister held her breath patiently as she heard you exchanged words of love towards each other.


For an unknown reason, at least to you, Cersei had requested your presence in the court during the trial of Tyrion Lannister. A couple of days passed after yet another death struck Tommen's family. His older brother Joffrey has been murdered in front of the eyes of every possible citizen of King's Landing.

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