Chapter 24

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Aphmau POV

Right now, Castor is wrapping my leg in a bandage while I am explain what has happened.

"Well as you guys know, the squids are back and trying to rule the world again but this time, they have my uncle assisting them. He is making all squids smarter and stronger for them to protect his crystal in return. The only was to revive Loki is to extract my power." At this, everybody gasps.

"So the squids are trying to kidnap you so they can put you in some machine to take all of your power?" Alex asks.

"Basically but that's not all. The only way for them to take my power is if I trust them enough."

"So it's impossible... Right?" Ross asks. This is the part where I start to tear up.

"They have a machine to brainwash me. They are going to corrupt my mind slowly into believing that you guys are the enemy. They are going to make me kill you one by one. I won't be able to control myself either because I would be the one doing it without realising." I bring my legs up to my chest and wrap my arms around them before putting my head in between them. I am already crying.

"Jess.. You're my little sister and I will protect you with my life. The same that you did for me." Katelyn says before hugging me. I lean on her. "I won't let them take you. I promise." He leans her cheek on my head, stroking the back of my hair as she does so, calming me down a little bit more. Everybody stays silent as this happens, giving us this moment. I don't realise myself slowly falling asleep in her arms until I am picked up and taken to a room and placed on what I assume is a bed.

"Boomy, Lucy, take care of her. I'm going to be on the computer over here if you need me." Is all I hear before finally letting the darkness take over.


We watch as Katelyn comforts Jess who is now asleep and has stopped crying.

"I'm going to take her to my room since Boomy and Lucy are there. I need to go on the computer anyway and look through the information that Jess collected." They all agree before letting me pick her up and open the door for me. I walk out with her in my arms and put her in my bed so that Boomy and Lucy can take care of her before going over to my computer and turning it on.

"Hey Jin, how's Jess?" Katelyn walks in and asks after an hour or two. I turn around in my office chair.

"She's fine. Just cuddling up to Boomy and Lucy." I explain to her, taking one of the plates that I just noticed she was holding. "Thanks." I say.

"No problem. Mind if I stay in here for a while? I'm worried about Jess." She asks me.

"Sure. I'm just working on the information Jess collected on the sky army." I say before turning back to my computer and sorting out the emails. After an hour or two, I turn around and check on the girls to see Katelyn sleeping on the bed while cuddling with Jess. I quickly take my phone out and take a picture before sending it to sky. He quickly but quietly walks up to my room and closes the door behind him before walking over to the computer with me.

"I think we should leave them to sleep in here. It's getting late so I suggest you take Jess's bed. Night Jin." Sky says before leaving. I turn the computer off and walk over to the girls, pulling the cover over them both before going up to their room and going under Jess's covers, falling asleep.

Aphmau POV

I open my eyes to Katelyn asleep in front of me, cuddling me to her chest with Boomy and Lucy on the pillows above our heads. That's cute. I wake up Katelyn since she won't let go and get out of her arms.

"What? Oh good morning Jess." Katelyn sits up, rubbing her eyes.

"Morning. Where are we?" I ask, looking around the room. That's when I notice Jin's non enchanted jacket. I put it on over my vest since I was cold before walking out of the room, letting Katelyn sleep for another few minutes. I walk to the kitchen. In there, I see Jin, Sky and Barney cooking breakfast. Well, Barney and Jin making breakfast. Sky is hugging the budder.

"Not something I expected to see in the morning." I say, hugging the jacket closer to me since it's somehow even colder.

"Morning Jess... Is that my jacket?" Jin asks, turning towards me. I nod before sticking my tongue out at him, taking the plate of bacon he has in his hands and stuffing it in my mouth.

"Yes, yes it is." I sit on the counter, taking the budder out of Adams arms and replacing with solid budder since he is melting the actual budder. At first, he looks like he is about to cry but after, he starts hugging the budder bar again.

"My bacon! Ugh. I guess you can have it. I will make myself some more since its to early to fight." He turns around and starts cooking more bacon. Barney puts a bowl of... What even is that? I give him a confused look.

"I cooks apples juice." He says. I look over to Jin and sky who are looking at the black 'Apple juice'.

"Who let Barney cook?" I glare at them. They both point at each other. "Thank you Barney...?" I take the spoon that he gives me and sip a bit of the burnt apple sauce. I instantly spit it out, falling out of my chair as I do so from the bad taste. It's so bad that I'm crying!

"Oh my Irene Barney! You killed Jess!" Sky shouts. Suddenly, Max, Ross and Red run in.

"Who killed Jess!" Max shouts. Sky and Jin point at Barney.

"No dirts! It was an accidents! Helps me broder!" Barney shouts, running away. Max chases him.

"Was it really that bad Jess?" Jin asks, kneeling down next to me since I don't feel like getting up. If I do, I would probably get sick. I just slowly nod.

"What did he even put in there..." I just stare at the ceiling. Ross goes over to the bowl and takes a spoon full of the apple juice. Next thing I know, he is lying down next to me also staring at the ceiling.

"That was... Horrible." He mumbles. I mumble an agreement. I don't know how long we have been lying there but when we finally decide to sit up, everybody is in the dining room.

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