There was a loud bang coming from his window that made him sat up from his bed. He turned to his window on the left side of his room which to his amazement, not like the time he last checked, was open and letting out the cold air inside the room.

Mike led out a loud grunt as he sat up from his bed and went to close the window. He poked his head for a minute to see who caused it, but all that he saw was a stranded road outside. He closed the two doors and locked them. When he was about to get to bed, something caught his eye standing on the street.

The girl's shaved head before was now grown into a messy brown pixie cut. She was still wearing the same light pink dress that Mike had given her last year.

"Eleven?" he gasped.

Eleven flinched at the sound of her name. She seemed to have heard him, causing her to sprint down the road.

"No, wait!" Mike yelled after her but she was almost disappearing into his view. He ran to the door and got out of his room.

What Mike saw next came into a full stop. Instead of house's hall, he was standing in complete darkness. He tried to ran back inside but the dark swallowed the entire room whole, fading out of his view. Mike was now all alone, standing in the darkness with nowhere to go.

"Mike?" he spun on his heel to see Eleven standing many miles away from him. She turned around into the darkness just before Mike can get to her.

"El, wait! Come back!" he called out. No response came. Only the deep echoes of his own voice.

Mike tried to ran back on the same direction he came in. He came into a halt near a homemade tent made of blankets and a sign read 'Castle Byers'. He recognized it as Will's homemade fortress built near the Byers' house.

There was a loud slurp coming from behind the sheets. Mike wouldn't dare to take a look inside, but he did it anyway. He slowly lifted the sheet up of the fortress and peeked. There was nothing inside but a plate of fresh looking Eggos and his supercom.

Something reminded him of the Eggos. There isn't a single person who loves Eggos either than Eleven. Was she living here this whole time? Where did she get the food and how was his supercom inside Will's fortress?

Mike pushed the plate away and picked up the device. He turned the nob to Dustin's channel. When no one answered, he tried to contact Lucas. He was about to say something when there was loud chewing sounds, this time coming from behind him.

Mike turned behind him and gasped. A large slender figure, not much bigger than the Demogorgon, was facing back in a crouched position, devouring on what looked like a body. A human body.

He just froze there in shock with only a supercom in his hand. He wanted to run but he felt his legs were frozen and could not move a muscle. The boy was speechless he couldn't even scream.

The device in his hand started to buzz, and came Eleven's voice. "Mike! Mike! Run!" She was screaming.

The figure lifted its head up and turned to Mike behind him. The monster's two monstrous heads led out a great big roar. The supercom slipped out of Mike's hands as he started running away from the monster. He tried to run faster but ended up falling to the floor.

It was already on top of him and led out its last roar. Mike screamed before it devoured him.

"Mike! Mike! Mike, wake up!"

Mike was feeling a shaking sensation by someone's hands and woke up with heavy breathing. His vision focused back into normal to see Nancy on top, shaking him awake.

"Calm down, okay? It's only a dream." said Nancy.

Mike wiped off the sweat with the sleeve of his sweater and looked around. He was now back in his bedroom.

"Hey, you okay?" Nancy asked.

Mike hesitated. "No." He jumped off his bed, got out of his room, sprinted down the stairs, and went outside.

"Eleven!" he yelled throughout the whole street. "El, where are you?"

Mike was about to run out of the front lawn but Nancy seemed to get out the house and grabbed his arm.

"Michael, what do you think you're doing? You're going to wake up the entire neighborhood!"

"I have to find Eleven!"

"What? Hey, look at me!" Nancy held his shoulders. "It's only a bad dream, okay? Eleven's dead! She's not coming back!"

Mike pushed off Nancy's arms from himself. "You too, Nancy? Why can't you people believe every single word I say?"

He ran back inside the house, leaving his older sister standing on the freshly mowed lawn.

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