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"YEAH, YEAH. I know, Steve. Saturday's free. Mom and Dad won't come home 'till ten." Nancy said through the telephone, twirling the cord with her fingers.

"Fine, do whatever you want." she laughed. "See you there. Okay, bye. Love you, too."

Just as she put down the receiver, someone knocked on the front door. She massaged her forehead and went to open it. Nancy swung open the door and stared at the bruise on her younger brother's cheek. "Oh my god, what happened to you?"

Mike sighed. "I fell." He walked pass his sister before she could say something.

Mike closed the door of his bedroom and went to grab his supercom on his bedside table. After he turned the knob to the right channel and placed the speaker near to his lips.

"Will? Will, are you there? Do you copy?" he spoke. No response came but he kept talking.

"I know you're there, Will. I know you don't want to talk, and I know you're listening to this right now. We don't know what you did earlier, okay? So, um, don't be emotional about it. If you wanna talk to someone, please pick up."

"If there's anything wrong with you, just let us know. We'll help you." Mike continued. "We won't tell anyone what happened. We're your friends, Will. You don't have to hide anything from us. Those are the people who keep your secrets safe and..."

He took a short pause before saying his last words. "Friends don't lie."

As soon as he lowered the device, he pushed back the antenna and placed the supercom on his bedside table. Sighing, he went to get dressed in his pajamas and brush his teeth. He hopped onto his bed several minutes later. However, he was afraid to close his eyes, expecting to go through the same nightmare again.

He can stay awake if he could. He already turned off his lights and bury himself under the covers. His eyes wanted to droop down but he was forcing them not to. Flashes of his nightmares flooded inside his head, but somehow they were pushed aside by the images of what happened back at Mirkwood a few hours ago.

"You..." Mike can hear the man's voice inside his head. "You're too easy to get. They will bring you back to the place where you belong."

At first, he thought he was pointing at him. He wondered why those words don't make sense. It only took him a moment to realize that the dead man wasn't referring to him, but to his best friend who, possibly, could've killed him. He don't know how he did it. He needed answers to it, along with the nightmares, and that made it more complicated for him to search for

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