chapter 16- No Decent Night Sleep

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Living with a Hot Devil chapter 16: No Decent Night Sleep

Mekaela steadied him on the couch armrest, setting him down. She peered at his drunken state. The heavy blush that feathered across his face made Mekaela smile inwardly. When was a time this man below her looked like a callow schoolboy?

Mekaela snorted. Hardly ever. Nothing could destroy Tyler's cool demeanor. Well, except if you include the men she met since she moved in and the ones who tried to hit on her. Mekaela winced.

Tyler could get pretty jealous. And add to that, what happened today with Carter, she bet her whole hard-earn-cash he was pretty upset. Though she had a hard time reading his reaction. First he looked cold and upset, next he whispered softly in her ear, and now - Mekaela gazed at Tyler fast asleep- she couldn't tell if he was still livid or not. Drunk or not.

It wasn't like she wanted to grab Carter intimately against her. They were just running around and it happened that he caught them at the wrong moment. He misinterpreted their position. Carter and her were just childhood friends and Carter's interest is of the same gender-

Ding Dong! Ding Dong!

Mekaela jumped looking  up startled, her gaze drawing to the entrance door. oh right, the person waiting at the door. Shoot,she got distracted. Getting up from the sofa she slowly walked to the door and looked through the peephole once again.

It was a woman with heavy red locks.

Mekaela arched a curious brow. This woman... she didn't know her. never seen her in the apartment before.

The woman pressed the bell with her index finger again and a bit more impatiently. Mekaela's eyebrow twitched with mild irritation. She guessed the redhead didn't give a damn if she was disturbing others in the building that was trying to get at least a decent sleep.  It was way past midnight now, Mekaela looked over her shoulder to read the time on the clock.

Only party goers gyrating the busy nightclubs and street were still awake.

Tyler groaned at the irritating amount of noise the buzzer was producing. His head was throbbing in exuberant pain. "Open the door, Mekaela! C'mon, just open it! Fuckin'-" It wasn't as smooth as he wanted to be. But with all the alcohol he drank and the commotion the other person on the other side was making, Tyler felt like his head was about to crack open.

"Wha--" Shock register in her mind. She knew that he didn't mean to use that demanding irritated tone on her, but she couldn't help but feel a bit hurt. She'd never seen him drunk before, and being aware that he was right now made her a bit uneasy. Mekaela let the thought of his tone aside.

At this kind of hour, I wonder what she needs. I have never seen her before in my life. She couldn't be a neighbor in this floor. She... might be a family member of Tyler. Yah, that's probably right. though, he never said anything about having siblings- but then I never ask him nor did he say... She thought unlocking the locks in a quick manner, twisting the doorknob to meet dark blue eyes behind pink oversized Gucci (is it okay to use brand names in the story guys? Let me know thank you) shades, she asked politely pushing aside her curiosity. "May I hel--" But she was cut short.

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