34. Tease

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"What have I told you about teasing?"  He asked as he closed the door, his eyes a dark, dark green as I watched him loosen his tie. 

My mouth was dry as I continued to watch him undress, being careful to place his clothes out carefully for the reception.

He strode towards me, my eyes dropping to his erection, then back up to his eyes.  He moved behind me and unzipped my dress, his fingers running along the exposed skin.  I stepped out of the dress and watched Jay put it on a hanger.

"Open your legs Mia."  I did what he said, I was powerless not to when he got me this ready for him.  "Feel yourself Mia, show me how wet you are." 

I moaned as I gently wiped my fingers over my sex, then held them out for him to see.

He held my wrist and brought my hand up to his mouth, his eyes locked with mine as he sucked a finger into his mouth, licking and sucking it clean before guiding my hand to my mouth.

"Open."  I sucked my other finger into my mouth, his breath catching as he watched me tasting myself. 

"On the bed."  He growled.

I laid in the middle, my heart racing, my breath gasping as I watched him, waiting for him to make a move.  His eyes trailed from my face down to the shoes I was still wearing and a smile played on his lips. 

"Fuck, I'm a lucky man."  I moaned, hearing the thickness of his voice. 

"Please?"  I wasn't asking for anything in particular, just something.  Everything.

He smirked as he moved towards the bed, pulling me closer, kneeling and putting my legs over his shoulders, his mouth latching onto my clit as a scream of pleasure tore from my throat. 

"Yes."  I cried.

He used his tongue to lick the length of my sex, over and over until my fingers were in his hair, pulling his face closer. 

"More Jay, please...."  I gasped as he suckled my swollen bud and pushed a finger inside me, slowly fingering me into a frenzy. 

"Babe...."  He growled against me as he placed a second thick finger inside me.

He was stroking slowly, slowly building me up, bringing me to the edge without letting me fall.  I was begging him to push me over, but I knew he wouldn't.  Not yet. 

"Remember what I said about teasing me baby?"  He grumbled, the vibrations running through my whole body.

"Please Jay?" I was so desperate for release, hot tears running down my cheeks. "Please?" I begged.

I whimpered when he removed his fingers, the loss unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

"Open your eyes Mia." He said gently as he wiped away my tears before he positioned himself over me, his hard cock sliding inside, filling the void I'd just felt.

"Jay." I moaned as I looked into his eyes, the pleasure I was feeling was mirrored in them.

He withdrew almost completely and I wrapped my legs around him, holding him in place. He smirked and slammed back inside me, before his movements found a rhythm that was neither fast nor slow. I raised to meet his thrusts and he smiled.

"I love you Mia." He whispered as he thrust in deep, his hard cock hitting that spot that made me quickly climb to my peak.

"There babe, right there." I gasped and he repeated his movements until my fingers were clawing at his back, breaking his skin each time I tried to pull him closer.

He was hissing breaths through his teeth, but his smile grew and his eyes deepened.

"That's it babe, show me what you're feeling." He growled as his tongue licked my nipple until it was puckered then he drew it into his mouth.

My back arched, my fingers nails dug into his skin and his name left my raw throat as he continued to thrust against my spot.

Jay grunted when he felt me tighten around him.

"That's it baby." He encouraged as he raised my leg and changed his angle, my body reacting so quickly as I raced towards an orgasm that I felt might be too quick, too intense.

"Babe...." I wasn't sure what I was about to ask for, slower or faster.

"Look at me." He demanded in a tone that made my body shudder.

I tried to focus on him, the look of love and awe on his face, the feel of his body against mine, inside mine, the way my heart was filled with love, it all culminated in an explosive orgasm that Jay drew out as he continued thrusting before releasing inside me.

I always loved that kick, then the shudder that caused him to growl as he held my hips, his cock pulsing as he emptied himself.

"Jesus Christ." He muttered as he panted against my neck.

I nodded, still unable to speak, my breath ragged and raspy as I tried to draw in a full breath. 

"I could spend days buried inside you and it still wouldn't be enough."  He groaned as he withdrew and rolled me over, pulling my hips up and entering me again. 

He wasn't fully hard but it wasn't long before he was and I found myself pushing back to meet him.

"Your ass is amazing."  He whispered as he ran his hands over it.  "So fucking soft."  He continued and I cried out in pleasure as he spanked me, my inner muscles tightening around him. 

"Fuck!"  He hissed as he felt it. 

I felt his hand in my hair and he pulled me up, my back against his chest.

He kissed my neck as his hand came around to my breasts, teasing my sensitive nipples until he had me moaning.  I instinctively wrapped my arms back and around his neck.  This was something I found myself doing more often, giving him complete access to my body. 

He bit my neck and then suckled it. 

"You're fucking mine Mia."  He growled possessively. 

"I know Jay, fuck I know."  I moaned as he started thrusting into me again. 

One hand held over my breasts as his other trailed down to my clit. 

"I'm yours babe, make me cum."  I cried out.  And he did.

And he did again when we showered.

We were running late for the reception as we rushed around getting ready.

"Take your time Mia.  I want you to feel like a million dollars when you walk out of here." 

He was standing behind me, looking into the mirror where I was getting agitated trying to fix my hair.  His hands rested on my shoulders and I looked up into his eyes. 

"Breathe babe." 

I took a deep breath and smiled, before focussing my attention back on my hair.

Finally we were ready and we were making our way down to the limo.  We were standing on opposite sides of the elevator and Jays eyes were trailing over every inch of me, my skin heating as if he was touching me everywhere. 

"I can't wait to get you back here and naked beneath me."  His voice was rough and I felt my breath catch. 

"I love your voice."  I breathed and he chuckled.

"Ready?"  He asked and we stepped into the reception hall, an attendant leading us to our table. 

Megan looked at us knowingly and shook her head.  "I was going to come find you, but the thought of what I'd find stopped me." 

I blushed and Jay laughed. 

"Mia needed some help getting changed."  He joked as he squeezed my hand.

I looked around the rest of the table and it was then that I noticed we were seated with Jays parents, both of whom were looking at me.

Beth's eyes were hard and cold, Roberts were full of something that made me cringe. Lust.

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