After the prank

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I wake up blinking my eyes adjusting them to the light.I look around and find that no one is here.

Oh dear what time is it,i look at my clock and it says 12"noo i am gonna miss class"I quickly get up pulling my clothes on and i relise my bruises are nearly gone but i still have the scars.When i am already dressed I remember what happened to me last night.So i am guessing Dumbledore was letting me have a lie in but i suppose he wants to see me in his office or something.Knowing this i just take my time putting my shoes on and ii sit down on my bed.

I notice a flask on my bedside table that wasnt there before.I pick it up and notice a note i open the note and the note said

Charlotte this is a healing potion it will heal most bruises caused last night and it will also take away the pain,when you awake please come to my office to discuss last night.

P.S i like lemon drops

From Professor Dumbledore

IWell i am not in any pain because i am used to far worse so i might as well keep it and hide it in my trunk when i really need it at home so i pick the bottle up and hide it in my trunk.

i make my way up the halls towards dumbldores office.I am smart enough to know that

lemon drops is the password.I get passed the gsrgoyles and knockk the door.

"Come in"Dumbledore says,i walk in to be gretted by the presence of Profeffor Mcgonnagol and Snape.

I walk up to Dumbledores desk

Have a seat"dumbledore says while Snape glares at me,well no wonder after all i did gryffindise the slytherines common room haha.

"we are here to discuss your punishment for the common room incident"Dorey says

Even if it was his idea i should have known i was going to get punished for the prank.

"Alright so you do not denie doing this prank"Dumbledore says thinking i would denie it to get out of punishment and he seemed he would allow it but i was proud of my prank."no i dont i am very proud and want everyone to know about the brilliant prank of redecoring the common room" say looking at dumbledore and he tries to hide a smile.

"Thisnis outrageous look what the girl has done and she isnt even a bit sorry for what she did she should be expelled"I flinched at his angry voice

"That will not be nesserceray Snape and if i would remind you that some slytherine beat Miss.Black up last night"Dorey said

Snape just huffed"Well they have been dealt with and Black still needs to punished"Snape said still angry

"Yes well if i could speak maybe i could give her her punishment"Dumbledore says

"Well you do realise the seriousness of your prank"he asks i nod

"good well you will have detention everyday for the next two weeks after dinner and 20 points will be taken"dumbledore says

"Do we all acept this"we all nod our heads Snape more reluctuntly.

I get up to leave"No miss Black i would like to speak to you alone"Dumbledore says looking at Mcgonnogal and Snape and they both leave closing the door behind them.

"First off you will not loose points and will not have detentions but you will not be able to appear anywhere if your supposed ro be in detenrion dont let Snape especially see you,i am not giving you detetions because it was my idea but the teachers cant know that so i had to pretend to give you them"he said

"Thank you very much"I say"I am sorry for letting that happen to you last night and it was right under my nose i am sorry"he says

"Its alright it wadnt your fault,i have got homework to do so goodbye"i say

"Ok goodnight"he says

"goodnight sleep tight"i say and dumbledor chuckles and i walk out of his office back to my common room

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