Chapter 2

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A/N: I don't know much about how the Greek life (sororities and fraternities) works in college. This is important to know reading this story from now on.

Lauren POV

This year has been great. Amazing actually. College is everything I hoped it would be, all the new friends and school on my own time, what more can I ask for. Even to heal my heart from Camila. Which was probably the biggest reason why I came to this school, aside this was the highest rank school I got into and also ignoring the fact that it's walking distance from the beach.

I understand that the way I left things were pretty shitty. Sometimes I can't stop thinking about if I should have reached out but I know I couldn't. Camila will forever and always be my heart, any sense of caring will bring us running back to each other. Maybe it was for the best because our love was too... complicated? Whatever it was I wouldn't change it, I just couldn't have us running in circles, it isn't healthy. One good thing did come out of this, this was my dream to get into a school like this.

Now my first year at my school is almost over and reflecting on the year, I wouldn't change anything. Sure was I starting to fall back into old habits of probably being the biggest flirt on campus, but I couldn't help it, it was my Camila distraction. On top of all it was a way to keep my heart guarded, I told myself I wouldn't let my heart hurt like that again. That means I can't love like that again. That is why no matter how beautiful the girl or how many girls I don't sleep with them. I can't. Intimacy isn't my thing anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love fooling around but never let it get too far because I feel like it shows vulnerability.

Not to mention it's too easy to flirt and get girls on campus when everyone doesn't care about labels. Everyone knows I'm gay, and I'm more then okay with that. That is why I joined Kappa Delta. To be a part of something bigger and get back to the things that I love, being involved in school and leading projects. I love my sisters. Especially my big sister Alex, she is my mentor and now my best friend. We hit it off instantly. Truth we told she is the only one I mentioned and told things about Camila. Everyone else just knows bits and pieces but they understand or really know about my past.


Camila POV

Finally arrived. Its night time. Tonight is all about resting for tomorrow and getting situated. I checked in at the dorms on campus to get my keys and itinerary for how the next day or so is going to go. I sit on my bed looking over the schedule and at times it's a bit overwhelming with all the group activities and walking around campus. I mean I guess that's the point right to see campus life and enjoy the environment. We get a couple breaks in between big activities, to take a nap in our dorm (they call it personal time, whatever that means). Also best part they made room for study periods, believe it or not I didn't exactly finish my homework, it isn't a lot but I have exams when I come back. On the plus side I will finally get to know how it feels just to grab a cup of coffee and just spend a couple hours in the library.

The next day...

Long freaken day. So far got to say love this school. I love the students everyone is always so polite. Sure everyone is doing their own thing but everyone holds the door open. Finally was looking for this study break, I need to get these scholarships done and finishing research on this school. I think I made my decision but I still like the idea of University of Florida.

Walking to the coffee shop my thoughts drifted. U of F is my dream school, but being here I like getting away. Maybe Lauren had a good idea, get away and start fresh. The last place I thought I can do this was UCSB but I'm liking it and maybe I should take her unspoken advice. I'm not sure, maybe this trip was nice but U of F is where my dreams are, plus Dinah.

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