Chapter 42: A Loyal Friend

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"I'm getting less and less anxious to leave this kingdom now, who would've thought that Ostwyn would be the one place I felt safe in." She huffed out a laugh before closing the book and handing it to the queen. "If you can, look into this for me. I am curious, and I know its not technically part of my mission to be snooping around in other kingdom's businesses, but I want to know it the book your mother had is somehow connected to this one." Deigil sighed and took the book in her hand, holding it tightly.

"I will look into it, and I will ask Eredhelil too. But, Meathil, I think before you go to Shadowmount you should know that Riv-"

"Hey Deigil, gud' morning," Eredhelil interrupted, slugging herself over to the other queen and resting her head on Deigil's shoulder. It was sweet, and she could tell that Eredhelil was still extremely tired from the night before. They probably didn't get much sleep.....

"Good morning your majesty, sleep well?" She asked, looking at Eredhelil with a grin before seeing the woman just snuggle up closer to Deigil. It was rare to see this side of the girl, so rare that she'd only seen it once before when Eredhelil was clinging to Deigil after they got engaged.

"Yes, very well." Eredhelil giggled and proceeded to drag Deigil out of the room, the dark haired queen barely being able to hold onto the book Meathil had just handed her. Eredhelil was acting much more childish, as if she'd finally been stripped of all rules. Which technically was true, and the girl's mother wasn't around to stop her, so it must feel nice to be free of it all. What was it Deigil was trying to say though? Something important. She took one more look around her before leaving the room as well, closing the monstrous white wood doors behind her. The hallways were cold, but it soothed her skin and helped her head stop pounding. Her steps were not silent as she walked through the large mansion. It was quieter than expected, the sound of happiness swirling through the kingdom. The place was lit with mini chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, each one covered in a feint sheen of frost. The place was cold, but the people in it made it feel warm. There were a multitude of rooms in the mansion, and each one she passed was occupied. Either by the guards and a visitor, or by her bracket. She needed to talk to them, it would be important to visit them. Her eyes saw the room that had a flower tied around the door handle, that was Pengeth's, best to wake her up sooner than later. Meathil approached the door and knocked on it quietly.

"Pengeth? Are you awake?" There was no answer, so she assumed the young girl was still asleep. Quietly she opened the door to see the little girl tucked away in bed, her hair a mess of blonde waves. She looked to peaceful, and there was no doubt that Othes was somewhere nearby since the vice captain always was close to the archer. The peach colored curtains were closed, completely blocking out all sunlight. She knew it would be annoying, but she had to wake up the girl. In one swift motion she flew back the curtains, letting the morning sun shine through into the room. "Wake up Pengeth, were going to have a meeting soon so come on." She shook the little one slightly before she saw her open her eyes.

"Where am I? Oh...the bed's so warm." Of course it was...sometimes Pengeth puzzled her. "Yes it's so warm, can't I stay in here for a little bit longer?" The blonde whined. She pulled back the covers, causing Pengeth to curl into a ball. "Cold!" Meathil laughed roughly.

"Of course it is! Now here," she said and handed the girl a fur cape that had been hung in the armoire. "Let's start to wake everyone else up, I'll let you jump on them if they don't." The words apparently enticed the archer, since she shot out of bed and into the warmth of the cape.

"Yay! An excuse to wrestle around with Hryil!"

"Uh...I don't think that's the best decision." Honestly the warrior would crush the fragile girl. Her ambitiousness made Meathil smile though. "Alright let's get going." They found Hastel in her bed with Hatolel on the couch across from it. Lengeth was peacefully asleep in her room, and when Meathil woke her up it was one hell of a moody girl they had to deal with. Rivornor had taken the opportunity to sleep outside for some reason, even though it gets down to deathly temperatures at night. It was amusing to see his reaction when he woke up, he was one foot away from falling into a canyon. Next was Thennil and Hyril, they all assumed they would be together, and they were all correct. Rivornor laughed his head off when Pengeth did try to pounce on top of Hyril to wake her up, it resulted in a lot of pain. The poor girl had a bruise on her arm now, and Hyril was more than a bit embarrassed when she realized that she was wearing nothing, just like Thennil. They left their room, all that was left was Othes. Rivornor carried Pengeth on his back since she was still groggy, and Thennil and Hyril didn't speak for a while. Hastel skipped up beside her and tried to keep up.

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