Chapter 42: A Loyal Friend

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The wedding happened last night, there was a huge party afterwards, and they all had gotten a bit more tipsy than wanted. Rivornor passed out, Pengeth got giggly, Othes didn't drink anything so she just was as stubborn as ever. Thennil and Hyril...did some things that they most certainly would not speak of today, and Hastel, Hatolel, and Lengeth went to bed early. It was grand, there were so many people all around them and the music was beautiful. If Eglanor could have seen it he would have been dancing with her the whole night, she wished he had been able to see it. Of course Eredhelil and Deigil got very touchy feely after the wedding and retreated to their room halfway through the party, everyone could guess what they were up to. She herself just ended up wandering through the mansion until she hit a random room. It hadn't been till this morning that she actually figured out where she was, she had spent her night in the library where the royal records and books were kept. She immediately got up off of the ground which had been her bed, and ran out of the room...well not quite, something caught her eye and kept her there. It was a large book with brown Cervos skin binding, the cover decorated with ancient gold that looked to be ages old. It was covered in dust, as she brushed it off the particles sent a tingle through her nose. It was delicate, the cover looking ready to fall off even by the slightest of touches. But, her curiosity won her over and she carefully opened the book, her fingers running over the covers bumps and rips. The pages were thin as could be, and the writing was in such a perfect cursive that she was jealous. It was hard to read, in fact she didn't understand one word of what was written. There were notes on each page, separate sheets of paper with words that she really was able to read. They read all different things, some were enchantments, some were old folk stories. She scanned the original writing, there was nothing that looked familiar in her eyes, the writing seemed so different from other books. The loose sheets in between the real pages were the only things she could read properly, but what was it? The wasn't like anything she'd ever seen, so...what was the writing? Her head pounded thinking about it, plus all of the wine she had last night really took a tole on her stamina.

"It's confusing isn't it." She jumped at the voice which rang through her head. Meathil turned to see Deigil in the doorway, her hair completely messed up but still looked nice. She wore a silk night robe that gently draped over her body. It was so surreal, Deigil was a queen now, and she was just a warrior below her. She laughed, thinking about how the girl used to be thought of as just a mere warrior in a bracket. The dark haired queen moved over next to her, placing her hand gently on the book, which Meathil shouldn't have been looking at in the first place. "I've seen this writing in my mother's royal library too, I have no idea what it is, but I suspect it's a different language." That would be the most logical answer.

"It looks extremely old, I wonder if it was a treasure of the queen's." Deigil cleared her throat, correcting her silently. "Oh...I mean the deceased queen Bengil." She still remembered it like it was yesterday, the sound and sight of Deigil when she was taken over by the darkness that dwelled within her. It frightened her, more than anything had ever. It made her quiver and want to crawl into a corner and never come out. She had nightmares about it, and even though she knew that the girl was on their side, it still frightened her to think about if she hadn't chosen to be.

"I never understood what was so important about them." She turned to see Deigil with her eyebrows crunched together. She looked so confused, about why the book was important. She was confused too, because she didn't realize it at the time, but when she went to reach for the book she stepped over a deadly border that was thankfully reduced to nothing by Deigil. "It was protected so well, that no one could touch it. Even if someone had the knowledge of where it was hidden they would be sentenced to death, or fall apart by the curse that would bring them living death. Either way...knowing about it would mean torture."

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