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a/n:- im warning y'all, im meme trash, so yes, there will be a few reaction memes here and then to commentate the story, bc why the fuck not?

+park hyena

Shit. Shit, shit shit. Shit, I'm nervous. That's a lot of shits. But, shit.

Am I going to do horrendous like last time? Or will it be the opposite?

I sigh into my hands. C'mon Hyena. Be cool. Don't be all. . . Like, uncool.

I sit, timidly, behind the class desk, as the teacher meanders back and forth in between each row, handing back the exams with results.

Tch, don't tell me you're actually anticipating a good result on this, inner me says, harshly.

"Actually, I am." I interject, haughtily. I notice students close–by shifting on their seats and stealing weird glances at me. Oops, talking to myself again. It's a bad habit of mine.

Abruptly, the teacher approaches my desk and hands me my paper, face–down. A gush of anxiety flares through me and I purse my lips.

I revised extra hard for this math exam, because last time I'd gotten an F, and my mother was beyond words for angry. I mean, you should've seen her face; it looked like a donkey kicked her in the vagina. I'm not going to make that mistake again.

I'd studied day and night; I barely got any sleep, so, subsequently, I had a lot of nose bleeds because of the stress and tiresomeness.

My breath hitches in my dry throat, as I slowly turn the paper over to the front. My eyes steadily trail to the top of the page and I beam with surprise.

Park Hyena:- 91/100 ( A+ )

I squeal and clap my hands, "It's a miracle

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I squeal and clap my hands, "It's a miracle. I am Jesus!" I sing, fist–bumping the air, spontaneously. People around me send bizarre glances again, but I ignore it.

I wonder who got the top marks. Was it me? If it is, then I finally have something to proudly brag to my "perfect–straight–A–brother" about.

One of the smartest students in the class coincidentally raises his hand to ask a question, "Miss, can you tell us who got the highest mark in the class?" Yuta queries.

"I was just about to do that," Miss Heong answers as she struts to the front of the classroom. Everyone sits up and perks their ears, expectantly. She clears her throat before announcing, "The top student was Leechaiyapornkul Chittaphon, who matter–of–factly deciphered full marks."

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