Chapter 8: Introductions

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Author's note! This chapter is dedicated to my new friend on here! Ms. Peace_love_unicorns. I hope you guys will check out her amazing stories! She's one of the best writers I know and I know it would mean a lot to her if you would read her work :)

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Chapter 8


            “The first person I want you to meet is Reece. He is the leader of our younger vampires,” said Lila. She turned decisively to a part of the group and addressed Reece, “Come here, Reece, your turn.”

            It was then that I saw the boy that I had only seen in dreams, and he was just like I remember.

            “Hello, Alexis, it’s nice to finally meet you in person,” my God he had a British accent. Could he get any better? He held out his hand and I reached out to shake it, but instead he kissed it.

            “It’s good to meet you too,” I couldn’t help but giggle. “In person”… “Have we met before?”

            “In your dreams,” he nodded his head once.

            “Reece,” Lila put her hand on his shoulder, “introduce her to the others, then go straight to planning and training.”

            Reece nodded at Lila then took my hand and lead me to a group of three others.  Reece introduced me to them. Thing is though… I knew these vampires. Ferenz Germanatto, Lee Irving and Sofia Brita. They were vampires from school; the ones Lambert said not to talk to.

            “Reece, I know them, they go to school with me,” I gave them my attention, “It’s nice to officially meet all of you.”

            “Call me Sofie,” said Sofia, “I’ve watched you at school, you’ve got an attitude, glad you’re on our side.”

            “I kinda am too. Nervous, but I’ll be fine.”

            “No need,” said Reece, “Just get used to using people…” He didn’t seem to like that, but it wasn’t really like he, or we, had any choice.

            Lee’s red hair was so bright, I questioned its pigment, that’s not a natural color is it? “It is, my entire family is made up of gingers.” I smiled at the use of the word. “Yes, I do speak normally.”    

            He had a fun personality, the five of us spent about ten minutes introducing ourselves. Sofia was just fifty years old, from Nebraska, and loved reality TV. She was a normal girl, although she let slip that she does like to kill. It satisfies her in a way. Lee was born in New York to two Irish parents but was turned when he was twenty at some night club. Ferenz was the quietest. The only times he spoke were to say that he was born in Italy to an Italian father and a Romanian mother. He didn’t mention how old he was. But he informed me that he was our weapons and electronics expert.

            “You’ll learn more about me later,” said Reece. “We need to get training soon, but first, I’ll fill you in on the plan.” Reece then addressed the other three, “Go train, I’ll be there in a while, gotta tell the kid what we have to do.” The others disappeared back into the forest, and all I could think about was what training could consist of.

            Reece then described to me the plan. We only have about eleven months until we carry out our mission. During these next eleven months, we will infiltrate the government, train, and build a strong vampire base within the parts of the government that we need. Ferenz will become the right hand man of a man named Scott Grimes, the head of the nuclear department. Sofia, who is actually an accomplished lawyer under several different names, will distract the government with a fake trial. The Group is going to sue the government, claiming that the president is a terrorist. That will sure distract his mind from the inner workings of his country.

            Lee and Reece pretty much have the same job. Make sure I don’t screw up.  My job? Something I’m not good at. Seduce and kill Scott Grimes, Craig Ingram (the head of the CIA), and Nadim Bitar. The last being the Iranian representative to the US who is in on the plan to destroy the US.  Mom was right… I needed a lot of luck.

            “Got it all?”

            “How the hell am I supposed to do that! I can’t seduce freakin’ anyone. I’ll fail! Reece? Why did you set me up for this job?”

            “Because I know you can do it. Plus, you can always practice on me.” He winked.

            “You’re crazy,” I rolled my eyes, “you can’t be serious.” But I could feel his feelings. He was being serious as a heart attack. He smiled at me.

            “Don’t worry; I’m not forcing you to do anything to me. Let’s go train. You need to learn some martial arts and work on your marksmanship.

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