Chapter 8

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Heyo! Hope you like this one!

Liza's POV :
David- "So where have we gotta meet the others?"
Liza- "Carly's place. Take a right there"
David- "Okay. Hey babe we should start planning the wedding soon I mean-" just as he said that everything went black...

<Next Day>

I woke up in a hospital bed with gabbie standing next to me
Gabbie- "Hey Liza can you hear me? Your okay, okay? You hit your head pretty hard yesterday"
Liza- "Hey. Wait. Where's David is he okay?!"
Gabbie- "Yeah yeah yeah. He's fine he's just in another room, Alex is with him"
Liza- "God my head hurts. Anyways what happened with David and when will we be out?"
Gabbie- "I think your getting released toady. And when you crashed you hit your head and David's got a few scratches and hurt his arm. You've got some scratches as well"
Liza- "Well fuck"
We both laughed. After a little while of talking a nurse comes in.
Nurse- "Hello Hun, you must be Liza?"
Liza- "Hi, yep I'm Liza"
Nurse- "Okay well if your friend would like to help you get ready you can go see your boyfriend and then your ready to leave"
Liza- "Both of us can leave?"
Nurse- "Yes. Have a good day"
Liza- "Thank you" I said with a big smile
Gabbie had brung me some clothes and some makeup. Just some counselor, eyebrows and some mascara. She brung leggings and a top.
Gabbie- "Ready?"
Liza- "Yeah let's see David now"

  *Davids Room*

David's POV :
Liza- "Hey baby"
David- "Omg your okay! I was so worried" I gave Liza a kiss
Liza- "I was worried about you to, the nurse said we're ready to leave"
David- "Okay I'll get ready. I love you"
Liza- "I love you too"
I get ready with the clothes that Alex brought me.
David- "Hey Alex, Gab thanks so much for this"
Liza- "Yeah thanks guys. Your such good friends"
Gabbie- "Eh it's okay"
Alex just smiled
Alex- "I'll drive you two back to yours Liza"
David & Liza- "Thanks"

<Timelapes to Liza's apartment>

We walk into Liza's place and go straight to the couch and put on a film. We're sitting there cuddling. I was playing the with Liza's hair while she ran her hand up my arm. When Liza's phone went off. It was a text from Liza's Ex...

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