A New Home

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The room was large enough to comfortably house three people, but not too large to intimate us.

With instructions that we could change the arrangement of the room however we wanted, we got to work.

It was obvious that whoever had furnished these rooms didn't give a crap about the layout because all three beds were pushed against the back wall, the three desks were pushed against another wall, and the dressers were pushed against the third, blocking the doorway to the bathroom. Sloppily thrown in the middle of the room was a rug, a leather couch, a beanbag chair, and a wooden coffee table. There were clocks on each of the desks all set to five o' five in the morning. I felt like I should be a lot more tired than I was, considering that I didn't sleep much last night.

The beds didn't have any sheets on them, and there was no place to put the clothes that you hang up. Maybe there was a closet with the bathroom.

"Okay, guys," Alice started cheerfully. "Who wants what wall? I figured that each of us would get one wall for all of our junk."

"I want the back wall!" Indigo yelled, jumping on the middle bed.

"You just want that wall so you can do less furniture moving," I told her. She looked up and smiled nonchalantly. "What do we do with the fourth wall?"

Alice shrugged. "I say we leave the wall adjacent to the common room bare for now. Maybe we can do something with it later. Also," Alice said from the other side of the room as she inspected the furniture. "I say we all help each other move everything."

"I bet she says that because she doesn't want to break a nail." Indigo mumbled.

I rolled my eyes, ignoring her. "I think that's a great idea, Alice." I briefly glared at Indigo while walking to the wall with the dressers It had the bathroom door on it, but I didn't mind. "I want this wall."

Alice nodded. "Which means that one is mine." She said pointing at the wall that didn't have the door to the common room. "How do we go about doing this?" She asked.

"I would pull all the furniture to the center of the room and move everything to their preferred places from there," I said.

"That seems complicated," Indigo protested. "Especially with the rug."

"Do you have a better idea?" I asked. She shook her head.

"Then Marbles' idea it is!" Alice said enthusiastically. She swirled around and began to pull a desk to the center of the room by grabbing the underside and yanking, but her hand slipped, and she fell backward onto her butt.

I laughed. It was hard to move things over carpet, so I walked over to help. "Indigo, could you move the desk's chairs?"

She nodded and pulled them to the center. I helped Alice lift the desk and set it down.

About an hour later everything was moved to its preferred place.

My bed was in the corner of two walls, it's headboard to the wall with the door to the common room, and but pushed up against the wall with the door to the bathroom. I had my dresser pushed against the footboard of the bed like I've seen in movies simply because I wanted to try it and my desk was closer to the bathroom door than my bed, its chair pushed in neatly. I wish I had a night stand. It would fit perfectly in between the bed and the desk.

Indigo had her bed smack in the middle of the wall. The headboard was the only part of the bed that was against anything, and the dresser was to the left of it like a nightstand, while her desk was a couple feet away from the bed.

Alice had put her desk so the back was facing out and one of the sides was against the wall with the door. Her bed was in the middle of the wall positioned like Indigos. Her dresser also served as a nightstand.

All we needed now was a bookshelf.

I plopped on the naked bed with a sigh as Alice walked into the bathroom. After listening to her snoop around for a while, she called out "Hey guys, there's bed stuff in here!"

"Cool, bring it out," Indigo said

Alice emerged with three different large plastic bags with bed stuff. One was black, one was blue and the final one was green. Indigo immediately jumped for the back one, while Alice and I argued over the blue one. Indigo watched from her side of the room while our argument got more and more heated.

"Guys, guys!" Indigo yelled making her way in between us. We stopped yelling and glared at Indigo. "Look, I'm about to witness you two throw away the whole friendship thing, so I'm gonna fix this. So, how about we each take three different colors."

I stared at her in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Indigo sighed. "Example, I get blue pillows, black top, and green sheets."

Oh, a nice and slightly complicated way to fix the issue. "Can I have the green top, then?" I asked. After the beds were fitted with our sheets, Someone came by with our bags.

I had completely forgotten about them and I had left my small duffle bag in the car. I couldn't believe I was so careless. Nevertheless, I was glad to be reunited with my belongings, everything I had taken from home and all the little reminders of what I had left behind.

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