I trudged over to our couch, and sat next to my Mom.

Lorelei sat on the chair, by herself.                    

"Helloooo! Everybody! Welcome to the YEARLY DRAWING! President Treadway here, ready to pull some names out of this big, black box! Please listen carefully, because if YOU get picked, I am truly VERY sorry! It is just how life goes! If I read your name, listen to the other contestants, then go and pack your bags! 2 members of your family are allowed to drive you to the airport, where my private jet awaits you. There will be other contestants on the jet, so try and make friends!"

" Remember to make friends everybody!" I said, mimicking President Treadway.

My family and I think of this as some kind of joke, an evil joke that President Treadwayplays on us.

Sometimes, if one of the contestants is from the same country as us, or if we like their name or personality, we help them out. You are allowed to do this, because the contestant doesn't have anything with them, and is usually missing something they really need.

We have to wrap the present, so that it looks special, and label it with the contestants name, and the sponsor's last name. Then the present gets flown to the maze, and dropped where the contestant is. 

They post most of it on TV, that way we can see what the contestants are doing, but they only show us this during the day, but we never see the Labyrinth at night.

They never tell us why...

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Yearly Drawing is about to start! First name," President Treadway says as she reaches her hand into the box," Tram White! He has brown hair, and blue eyes! He lives in Canada, and he is 8! This is a picture of him."

On the screen pops up a picture of a young boy, with this dark, dark brown hair, blue eyes that sparkle, a face full of freckles, and these cute little dimples.

"Aw! He's just adorable!" My Mom said.

"Maybe we could sponsor him!" Lorelei said.

"Next up, Cho Brote, from China! She is 19, and has Black hair and black eyes. Here is the picture."

In Cho Brote's picture, she was not smiling, in fact, she was frowning. Her hair had these purple streaks in it that look really weird, and she had a TON of black eyeliner on.

She creeped me out.

"Raeven Shivers is next! She is from England, and is 17. She has...um...purple and blue hair, and silverish eyes..."

Up came a picture of a pixie like girl with black jeans, black Daft Punk T-shirt, black combat boots, dark, heavy black eyeliner, black lipstick, and purple eye shadow with sparkles. She was glaring at the camera.

"Look at her makeup! " Lorelei shouted, jumping up from her seat.

"I know! !" I yelled in agreement.

"Girls, girls, settle down!Maybe we could show her how NOT to look goth," My Mom suggested, laughing at us.

"Yeah!" We said in unison.

"-green eyes!"

I guess we missed one, because up came a picture of this boy, who in my opinion, was hot!

"That's what I call H-O-T hot!" My sister shrieked.

The boy had short, blond hair that was styled in like a gel the front only sort of way, and he had these cute green eyes, with the center a deep blue color, with blue streaks along the green parts.

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