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February 14, 1997

As the soulful voice of Whitney Houston's 'I Believe In You And Me' played loudly in the ballroom a Seventeen-year-old Beyonce and a twenty-three-year-old Shawn stood opposite sides of the ballroom holding each others gaze.

Beyonce was solely in love with him but she was young, did she really know what love was?

Maybe, Maybe not but she wouldn't know until she tried it.

Shawn was twenty-three and newly graduated with his masters in Business administration. He had plans in life and it didn't include falling in love with a teenage girl.

Though her body was more than grown he knew how things could be and how people would look at him.

His father had already told him to leave Beyonce alone or he would handle it. Some things just couldn't be left alone. No matter how hard Shawn tried he couldn't get Beyonce out of his mind.

She's so Innocent yet so bold.

She was an interesting wildflower who couldn't be stopped, but was that a good thing?

Shawn made his way towards Beyonce and asked, "May I have this dance?"

She quickly blushed but placed her hand in his. They simply danced and she sang along to the song. Close to the end of the song, they found themselves inching closer to one another for a kiss.

"We can't do this," Shawn spoke up making Beyoncé's embarrassment come to play.

She Simply shook her head and parted ways with him. He hurt her feeling but she was a strong girl she could handle heartbreak.

She made her way to the women's bathroom, thank God it was empty because she didn't want anybody to see her right now.

"He's just a crush I need to get over." She spoke trying to convince herself as she paced back and forth.

She was young and this was new.

She looked up when she heard a click of a lock and saw Mr. Carter Shawn's father right behind her.

"Uhh Hi, Mr. Carter." She spoke in a scared tone. He made her feel uncomfortable multiple times and she had told her parents that. They all just assumed he was just a too nice guy who people didn't understand. Beyoncé knew better, she knew his game and she didn't want any parts of it.

He didn't speak instead he walked slowly to her backing her into the concrete wall.

"I told him to leave you alone and since he won't leave you alone, I'll see to it you'll never want to see him again.

All too soon she was on her stomach trying to get away but she wasn't strong enough. He didn't even care that she was still a child no matter how grown her body looked. He push up her Kneelength dress, then pulled his member out of his pants and pushed into her without a care in the world.

"You want a grown man? Right?" Carter said through clenched teeth.

"No, please Stop! I'll leave him alone!" Beyonce cried. She scratched at the floor so hard her fingers began to bleed.

"I'm sorry I didn't know." She yelled. He continued to push in and out.

"Help, Help please somebody ple-" She continued but was shut up quickly as he turned her around, untying his tie he stuffed it in her mouth.

The music was loud and she knew nobody could hear her.

When he was done he pulled out and came all over the floor. Beyonce scurried to the wall pulling her knees to her chest. Mr. Carter fixed himself and began walking out of the bathroom. He stopped at the door and turned to look at her.

"Leave my son alone he has a bright future ahead of him. Fuck with him again and you won't see another day." He said and then left to go back to the ballroom.

Mr. Carter had planned to put both his sons through college and he couldn't fathom why Shawn all of a sudden changed his life goals until he confessed he was falling in love. Carter was pissed, but now he knew for sure Beyoncé would hate his son and leave him alone that's what he needed to happen.

She was innocent but some people had to go through things In order to find out what life was really about.

Beyonce hugged her knees tighter and cried. She always pictured her first time being with someone she loved. She never pictured it being taken away from her.

She hated that she loved Shawn because her love for him had brought her to this very moment.

Somethings could be determined as tragic while others determined the outcome as karma.

Beyonce was one of the most vibrant, humble, and sweetest teenage girls known in the city of Houston, Texas. Mathew Knowles and Michael Carter grew up together as best friends so she knew for a fact that Her father wouldn't believe her. There was too much history in their friendship.

Although her, and Shawn formed a friendship over the summer. She had told him many things and same on his part.

Their feeling grew because they were there for each other. Shawn felt pressure from his father because he wanted him to follow in his footsteps and take over the Family investment company.

Shawn didn't want that. He wanted his own Gym. He was into fitness and wanted to start something that he was passionate about. Beyonce understood him her parents weren't into making her into something they wanted her to be.

They let her live her life, and she loved her parents for that.

She had been deciding what to do and now she knew for a fact she was leaving Houston for college. She wanted nothing to do with the Carters nor her family.

She loved her family dearly but she wouldn't be able to face them.

Had her family stopped associating with them after the first scandal none of this would have happened.

She slowly got up fixing her clothes and made her way out of the building, making sure no one noticed her exit. When She made it to her car she let it all out. Things were about to change.

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